Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


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Pre-Race Recon of  The Red River Trails in Munster, TX


Date:  16 DEC 01


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Well, of course the first step ( if you're coming from Dallas ), is to get to Gainesville. Generally, that's gonna be I-35E north.  As you get into Gainesville you'll exit onto hwy 82 heading west towards Wichita Falls. I guess it's about 12 miles over to the town of Muenster. There's a traffic light there at Main St., Turn right.  Head north about one mile, & you'll come to the end of the road...sorta...turn left.  Now you're headin' west, go about three fourths of a mile, & the road curves to the right, ( north ) now you're on 373. It's about 12 miles to a little town called Bulcher ( I mean little nothing more than a sign ), go past it for about another half a mile, then 2382 turns left ( south ), but you stay your course, that is, continue on around the corner to the right, er north.  It's about a mile to the gate. It's on the right, has an arch, is painted green, & says "Red River Cycle Trails" on the top. Oh yeah, 'cycle trails' is what this place is, there's no hunting, so leave your firearms at home, and no jeeps, or buggies, either.


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 So I went out & looked at this new incarnation of the Red River track, and though I've been riding out there for a decade & a half, The Red River Dirt Riders still managed to link the trails together in a unique way.  This time they've made an 8.147 mile track that stays mainly along the creek and to the west of it. Most of the trails you'll be familiar with, and like I said, I was surprised that they could show me the same trails in a new configuration. We miss the miles of deep sand woods, & whoops that are over on the east side of the creek. The trail doesn't seem too tight, even for me, a guy who likes the tracks a little more...uh...flowing. We cross the creek in about four times in the last few miles of the loop, and that's about the most deep sand we see. We stick to mostly hard-packed trails with a rock here & there. I think there's one two foot wide brook crossing back in the woods.  The track flows pretty well. I think we'll like it. 


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Camping  Camping is, as usual excellent at this place, most of you racers, and non racers as well know Muenster ( the Red River ) to offer clean areas, with plenty of space, picnic tables, & so on.
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Spectator Rating  I remember crossing the roads out there a few times which means that there's access to more remote areas. In fact I don't think we're ridin' in the remote areas of The Red River Trails this week.
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  A-Ok Motel, 700 E Division St, Muenster, TX 76252, (940-759-2268)

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Hours of Operation

 Normal hours would be on the weekends. 8AM till 8PM in the summer, till 6PM in the winter. They used to be open every day, but that changed some years back. I do think that they will allow you in during the week though. If you call 24hrs ahead, & ask them,  they'll give you a combination to the gate lock, & have a mailbox in which to deposit your fee of $8, the same as for a weekend. That's per person I believe, kids under 10 aren't charged if they don't ride. There are electrical hookups for $10 a night.  Call 940.995.2903 for weekday admission, & general information.