Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Samuell Farm in Mesquite TX


Date:  19 MAY 02


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Opener.jpg (206350 bytes)

Notice the lack of trash...or roost...or beer cans.

opnr2.jpg (185702 bytes)

Look at this beautiful area...and yes, we race right through it! So act civilized!

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This is the East camp / Pee Wee area


FrtGate.jpg (107072 bytes)

And the front gate, the west camp is to the right and the east camp is...well you know

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 Samuell Farm is a 340-acre farm, that at one time featured a variety of animals to allow one to experience life on a working farm, and maintained to recall the farming days of the late 1800s to early 1900s. The park eventually cut back care of the exotic animals that were once there, but a beautiful park still remains. Now used as a quiet campground for reunions, birthday parties, Boy Scout outings, civil war re-enactments, and...most recently...Cross Country Motorcycle Racing. Features include  5 ponds for fishing, lots and lots of picnic tables, play areas for the kiddos, antique tractors, hayrides, covered pavilions, civilized restrooms, and miles of hiking and horse trails. It's easy to get too. It's close by.

 There's just one catch.  It's a City Owned Park...think about that for a second.


Fairly simple, this one. On hwy 80 goin' east like to Terrell, take the second exit east of I 635, that would be Belt Line Rd. Stay on the service road, passing Belt Line, and you'll see the track on the right about a half a mile down. There's a old time steam engine under a shed there.


 . . .

 Sweet. The track is eight miles long. Mainly flat. Hard black dirt. If it doesn't rain, bring your hard terrain tires for sure. The track cutters have done a fantastic job of giving us a track that flows. This one's gonna be fast. Not too much technical stuff, though there are some tight areas here and there.  I say "tight",  what I mean is that I had to put the four wheeler into reverse once and reposition for one of the turns. There are about six or seven creek crossings, that the promoters have put bridges ( Jet Ski pallets ) over allowing for a mud free crossing. In one area they actually installed a steel bridge with hand rails and everything just for this race! 

 The start will be on the west side of the west camping area, and will turn left into the trees. And the track generally stays to the west and south of the main gate. The track most resembles Marty Cathey's track at Jacksboro, only with black dirt. Smooth, flat, fast as hell, nothing to hit your handguards on, and very, very, pretty. You'll get to use all five of your gears ( six, if ya got 'em ), on the grass tracks, of which there are several. And there isn't a single rock anywhere. You will see some exposed roots in the woods so be careful in those areas. There are three or four nice, smooth cross country jumps, one at the end of a long straight in a grass track, that would allow you to clear a gravel road...if ya got the nads. We all thought this place was going to be under water when it came time for the pre-race recon, but the only mud on the track was an area about the size of a PW50, where it looked like someone had spilled their water cooler. The promoter assured me that it would be rerouted so we wouldn't have to get mud on our bikes. The rest was bordering on makin' dust...but not quite.  If it rains though...well... let's hope it doesn't rain!  If so, this  reporter is not responsible for any variations in the report as stated.


The Pee Wee track is on the opposite side of the property, adjacent to the east camping area. It's 1.5 miles in length, and is about the same as the big track without any water at all. It's safe  and poses little difficulty other than getting over the sticks, branches, and small brush, that the tractor has knocked down.

 And it's completely fenced in...there may even be bleachers there for the spectators. 


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Camping    Superb. The main gate is in the middle. We'll go through a gravel parking lot to get in. While you're in line there at the gate, the west camping and the start will be on your right, past the windmill. This is mainly a flat grassy field.

    This is where the racers will no doubt wanna be. The track comes close to the back side of it several times, will be good for spectating, and setting up pit-stops. On your left as you sit at the gate, is the east camping area, it's slightly smaller, also a big grassy field, and had a lot of features, like being adjacent to the Pee Wee track, the pic-nic tables, the air conditioned bathrooms, and the children's play areas. The pee wee oriented families may wanna check out that side. Both sides are beautiful. Check out the pictures. Bring your fishing pole there are plenty of stocked ponds.

Oh yeah, bring your Mosquito spray as well.

 As long as we're talking about camping, I might as well tell ya, that they don't allow open camp fires and they don't allow alcohol on the property. The word is this, if you're seen with a beer can you'll be asked to get rid of it. YOU WON'T BE TOLD TWICE. The second time is removal from the park. And folks, this is out of our hands here. This is a state owned, COUNTY SHERIFF PATROLLED, park. Please don't try to fight it. You'll only have a shitty weekend, and they won't give you a refund when they throw you out. And if you cause the other thirteen hundred of us to get thrown out...well... let's not think about that.

 The Patman will say this though. What you do in your camper is your business. And I'm not gonna expect anyone to "taste test" every paper cup in the camp.  Oh yeah, they pride themselves in the cleanliness of the park they're giving us. I know this to be fact. I was digging in my pocket for a pen to take notes with today, and a gum wrapper fell out on the ground. Within thirty seconds there were two Sheriffs cars, a helicopter, and a K-9 unit all around me.  Do I need to say not to trash up the place!? Tell your friends. Tell your kids. Put a note on the handlebars of your bike. Don't drop a cigarette butt, a gum wrapper, or a drop of oil on the ground out here...please don't test 'em on this. They will win, you  ( we ) will lose.

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Spectator Rating Great. If you get a room at the Country Inn, and get a east facing room, you can actually watch the race from your room!!  You can see some of the track from the highway. They said that they will put the grand stands in front of the pee wee area, and there are gravel roads that run all around the area, that should allow you to see 70% of the track pretty easily. After I had been there only a few hours, I was able to get just about anywhere without getting lost.  But please go slow. Yes, we always say that, but this time it's out of our hands. This is a PATROLLED CITY PARK and you will be in deep doo-doo if you speed ANYWHERE in this park. And we'll all be in deep doo-doo if we let you. So the officers and the spotters ( of which I am one ) will be doing what we have to do, to keep us from being thrown out. Tell your friends. Tell your kids. Put a note on the handlebars of your bike. Go Slow.
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  Microtel Inns & Suites, 317 E Highway 80, Mesquite, TX 75150,         (972-216-4418)


MESQUITE, TX 75149   (972) 216-7460

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Hours of Operation

 Open Tues-Sat 9am-5pm. Exit Beltline Rd US 80. But remember this is not for riding. This is kinda like a Boy Scout camp. They WILL NOT let you in with a motorcycle.