Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Fun Wheeler Park in Longview, TX.


Date:  21 OCT 01


 TCCRA Race Schedule here.


You can view a Mapquest Map by clicking the Map below, once there, zoom and print as you need to.


Click the radar map below to go the The Weather Channel for this track's weather forecast.



 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 


GPS.jpg (152345 bytes)

Here's a GPS generated track map lay- over on an area topo. ( Thanks David, & Gary )    I added some text so you'd know where you are. This may change as the re-route to keep us out of the moist areas.

Oh and here's the usual sat recon

longviewSat.jpg (55097 bytes)

Oh yeah and the parking area

camp.jpg (44303 bytes)

And the Power Line area, where I suspect that we'll camp, and the course comes close too

pwrLines.jpg (21798 bytes)


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 Friday.  19 OCT 01.  14:52 hrs. CST.
Hello everyone,
         Patman here with the latest report from trackside in Longview.

               My contact, speaking on condition of anonymity, by way of
cell phone, says, "...the track is 'tacking up' nicely."

        That is all.
         The Patman

Well folks there you have it. The track has been shortened to 8 miles,
alternate lines have been cut, the weather has cooperated to dry the track
out by 75%, and with two days 'till the green flag, it looks like once
again, we'll be doin' that roost thing in east Texas.   I'm Pat "Patman"
Hall reporting from my palatial office here in Lewisville TX
  Good Night


 This is David Bird's first race promotion, and he knows he's got the last race of the year. Thus, he's doin' everything he can to make sure you have a good time before the season's over. So come on out, & take advantage of him! There'll be a poker run, where a couple of you will take home some cold hard cash. And in addition, one of you will win a complete set of Answer or MSR gear ( including helmet ) for as little as $3, in a raffle who's proceeds go to disaster relief. And after last weeks rains, he even used a GPS & a topographical map of the park to reroute the track to stay out of the mud.  Last chance to Roost your buddy. Last chance for a trophy. Last chance to impress your girlfriends! ( or boyfriends ) 





Well this one's pretty easy to get too.  Simply head east on I-20 out towards Tyler, ( I take 80 east from I-635 ) go past the Hwy 271 exit that we took last week, & as you get into Longview take the 595A exit, turn right onto 322 south ( Estes ) and drive untill you see the yellow fireworks stand on the left. Slow down now. Ned Williams Rd, is about a hundred yards on up on the left. There's one of those marquee type signs on the corner. Turn left here. 




 . . .

 I've been to this 900 acre park twice now, and both times my inspection of the track and surroundings were hampered by the weather ( precipitation ).  Though I DID actually get to ride some areas of the track this last weekend. But I ended up getting some dirt on my scooter, & left.  Too soon though. After I left they rerouted around the mud, & were out doin' hot laps, & I missed it !!!

  There's lots of scenery out here, trees, grass and water, ponds creeks and of course the Sabine river to the north. As you may know, the East Texas boys have the best dirt over there and this place is no exception.  And, as are most of the East Texas tracks, this one's made up of a lot of red sand. It's not as hilly as the Gilmer, or Alto tracks, and from what I've seen doesn't seem to have the rock population of Gilmer either. There seems to be, maybe, two good hills, with some rocks. Don't worry though, it's nothing like Gilmer.

  As it's predominantly a four wheeler riding area, I couldn't help but notice that when the course used established trails, that they were "fourwheeler wide".  There also seems to be a good amount of high speed sections ( 60% of it  third gear, ass haulin' stuff ), along with some small amount of tighter stuff ( mainly the new 'fresh cut' stuff- about 30% of the track ). I'd call it a medium fast track. Length, I think they said, was 9.7 miles. Though I understand that they are prepared with an alternate line around some of the more "damp" areas, that would cut about a mile out of that total...just in case. They also spent Sunday afternoon with the topo map tryin' to cut more track on the high ground to keep us out of any potential muddy areas, again...just in case. Mary the lady who runs the place swears that it'll be dry as a bone by the time you get here on Saturday.

  The pee wee track is nice!  It's in a nice shaded part of the camp area, and uses part of a small Moto section, as well.




  .. .
Camping    Camping looks real good. Nice shade, nice grass, electricity ( for about 30 )  a pavilion, they even sell some small items at the gate like oil, spark plugs, & the like. There is a well shaded area for camping and a larger more open field out under the power lines, that seems to be flat enough, but on a slight downhill.  


. .
Spectator Rating  As I said this is an established four wheeler park with wide trails, that seem to go off in all directions. That, and the fact that the track comes & goes around the pit-area several times should make spectating pretty painless.


.       .. .

  Many hotels. Many. As soon as you exit from I-20 there are about six right there. Here's a link to all of them.  Hotels   I've stayed at the Best Western, and at the La Quinta, both with good results, and Cindy Rawlings wrote to say she found a good deal at the Econo Lodge.





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Hours of Operation

 This is an established fourwheeler / atv park that has it's own web site, to go there just click ...http://www.funwheelerpark.com/