Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


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Pre-Race Recon of Oak Creek in Jean, TX


Date:  04 MAR 03


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Jean_2Dmap.jpg (189675 bytes)

OK here's a map of the Jean course, camping area, and Pee Wee track.

It's in color. You should be able to print it at your home and bring it with you. Don't forget that you can set your printer ( in page setup or print setup ) to print draft or low quality. And you'll need to set your printer to print in "landscape" view.

Oh yeah, it should print on a 8 1/2 x 11 page, but just in case you can set your printer ( in page or printer setup ) to "fit to page".

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The Main course is 12 miles long. And the Markings are fantastic...especially for the first 6 miles!


Pee Wee course is 1.5 miles long

Experts ride first.

He has a tractor if ya need it.

Pick up your trash...this land is private and doesn't belong to the promoter!


I will, as always be shooting video...smile, wave, wheelie, crash or whatever...I'm gonna try to get a plane and fly over a few times on Sunday...so you know what to do!


HWY 380 is under construction just west of Denton, and the sign said it'd be closed from 6am to 7pm on the 4th (Sunday).



Jean is a small town in Young county Texas, and is not far from the Jack county races we're all so fond of. So the directions are kinda the same.

 First ya gotta get to Jacksboro.  From The northern parts of the metroplex, try 35 north to Denton, then 380 west, of course you could take 114 west to Bridgeport, then 380 west. I understand that the 287 / 81 north, thing works out well to get up to 380 as does 199 out of Ft Worth.  Once 380 gets close to Jacksboro, ya gotta make a little right hand jog ( 380 and 281 share the asphalt for a couple of miles into the town ) then straight on through town, onto 281 / 114  north / west. After about seven miles north of town, 114 splits off toward the left, that is west, and continues on to Jermyn, then Loving, and finally Jean. In Jean ( not before ) you'll be lookin' for FM 1769. Turn left (south ). The road you want is about 4.5 miles down that road on the left. It's called Grubbs Hill Rd. And you'll turn left, the track is about .5 miles on your right.

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Description Description: The town of Jean, originally called Lamar, was settled in 1875 by rancher S. B. Lamar, who built a schoolhouse and a store there. His son, James T. Lamar, became the first postmaster in 1906, and renamed the settlement Jean, after his sweetheart.  

 The last time we used this land, "Sweetheart"  is  the word I would've used to describe the area. The dust was down due to the rain that mornin' , the tight sandy treed areas were cut out, & it was a helluva track. A good long start, lots of room to pass, which means lots of room to race!  'Cause single file in the trees is NOT racin'! I'd say to bring an intermediate tire, and you might want to make an effort to prevent flats, there are 1325 mesquite trees around the area in which we'll race.

 There are a fair amount of straights, a couple of wooded sections, and last time  we ran through some mowed down corn ( I guess ) fields.  I thought it was a good track. When I rode it on Saturday it was great fun.

Soil:  Did I mention the sand? Oh yes, you'll find some hard packed black dirt out there as well...but you'll have to look hard to find it. There will be some hard flat ground that we have to flatrtack around, and there are a few rocks...don't say I didn't warn ya. I tried sand tires on Saturday, but there is enough hard flat stuff that my sand tires felt uncomfortable in some of the turns.

Elevation: None. Oh wait, there was a creek bed that we ran through ...and a ditch if I recall. Actually there is a hill on the property, with loose sand & rocks mixed in for excitement. Not real big, but ya gotta pay attention.

Dust: Bring your dust mask. unless it rains of course.

The Pee Wee track is just about 1.5 miles in length and is located on the north side of the camp, between the camp area and the entrance road.


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Camping Camping is gonna be in the big flat field that we did the barrel racing in last time. 38 acres by the GPS an fairly flat...no I meant to say fairly LEVEL. IT was ( as you may recall from last time ) a plowed field, and as such is, as Don Shaw put it "rough as a cob". Don't haul ass across the camping area in your big rig...you'll break the wife's china.    
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Spectator Rating Both the east and west end of the camping area have a gate and I think the gate on the power line end ( where the start is, will be OK to go out of and watch the race once it's started.  On the other end, the NON power line end, is also a gate and you should also be able to go out and find your hero down this way as well. The land is fairly open, so you should be able to get around.
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The flyer lists the Pipeline Hotel so I'll list that one here first as well. (940-964-5695)


Cedar Canyon Lodge, 120 Kiowa Trl, Graham, TX 76450, (940-549-8999)
Gateway Inn Motel, 1401 Highway 16 S, Graham, TX 76450, (940-549-0222)
Rodeway Inn, 1919 Highway 16 S, Graham, TX 76450, (940-549-8320)

I generally stay at the Gateway in Graham.

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Hours of Operation

 This is private land so it'll only be open during normal race weekend hours.

Gate opens at 4 PM on Friday. 












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