Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


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Pre-Race Recon of Mud Creek ATV ParK, Jacksonville, TX


Date:  03 OCT 04


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You can view a Map by clicking the Map below, once there, zoom and print as you need to.


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 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 


The track map for you to print and take with you...I'll update this on Thursday so check back.

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And this one below...just for fun.

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And PICTURES! Look at these...CLICK !


  Nice place, maybe some dust, but certainly more than worth coming too. Especially since the promoter will open the gates at 8am on Friday, and NOT charge any extra fee for it!


 1.6 miles for the Pee Wee racers

  9.5 miles on the main course

  Amateurs race first



Outta North Dallas, I took  I-635 around to 80, to I-20 East, to 69,& then down to Tyler. Then Onward South to Jacksonville, then east on 79 right out to the Mud Creek sign. Just like on the flyer. And the directions and map are ok. But, 69 south through Tyler actually sends you right through town, and even through some residential areas. Better take the 323 loop just as you get to Tyler, it meets 69 again just south of town.

 Better still, just head out 175 from Dallas towards Athens, and straight on into Jacksonville. 175 meets 69 south again, then 79 east is just across the bridge.

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 Sweet.  The park has only been open for about 6 months or so, and there is 2000 acres there. Most of it is down in the creek bottoms and we don't wanna go there. But. 500 acres of this place is up on top of some of the nicest rolling hills that you've ever ridden on. It's open with lots of grass, and evenly spaced trees for a bit of shade here and there.  I don't think in the entire 9.5 miles do we ride on anything flat. You're always going up or down to some extant, yet there is only one big hill climb, and the ensuing downhill. There's a ladies and Mini alternate for it, but you should try it first...it's not that bad.

 The course we ride on is mostly open, sandy, and fast.

 For the most part we rode two four-wheelers side-by-side, and a "tight spot" means that you can only ride one four-wheeler through the section at a time. Think about the more open parts of Murray or Bonita.

 I saw just a few hundred yards here and there of red dirt with some small rocks, and in at least one spot, there are some fairly large roots to deal with, back in the woods. Again "woods" means only one four-wheeler at a time!!

. There is a creek but it only has water in one spot and the promoter has built two bridges over this area. Oh and here's a note: You MUST use the bridges. This is private land, and the promoter wishes for us to not screw up the creek. So keep your scooter clean, avoid a track cutting infraction, and stay on the bridges.


There may be dust if we don't get rain, but NOTHING like the west Texas races. There will probably be whoops by the end of practice on Saturday. But it WILL be fast. I can see lots of long valleys that will allow for fifth, or sixth gear downhills. Gear high, stiffen the compression slightly for the high-speed sand whoops, and bring your best set of intermediate to soft Tires. ( I'd run sand tires, for 85% of the track, the rest you'll just have to be careful on...but that's just me, and what do I know!? )


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 There are two designated areas that I saw, one that is to your left as you enter the gate, and this is where the electrical hook-ups are ( all taken by now though ) and this is the closest to the Pee Wee venue. This area is where the showers and food vendors will be, as well.

   Another is all the way at the north end of the park, and sits on what is probably one of the higher hilltops in the park. It's got good grass, a gate that will be open to EXIT ONLY through on Sunday evening, and the track comes close to this camp at mile .5 and again at mile 9.0 for the "big" hill climb. This one is closest to the start area and the e-score trailer, and sign-ups.

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Spectator Rating I can't think of a better place to spectate from. Just pick a hilltop, "cop a squat", and you should be able to see riders in all directions. The hills, and lack of the west Texas "scrub brush" makes watching easy, not to mention the many four-wheeler paths going here and there. Be careful though, there are at least FIVE places where the track crosses a camp ground road.
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I think I'd recommend the Executive Inn on 79, it's just about 4 miles from the park...


Executive Inn Jacksonville
1407 East Rusk
Jacksonville, TX, 75766 US

Holiday Inn Exp Jacksonville, 1848 South Jackson, Jacksonville, TX 75766
Guest Village Inn, 1407 E Rusk St, Jacksonville, TX 75766, (903-586-9841)
Holiday Inn, 1848 S Jackson St, Jacksonville, TX 75766, (903-589-8500)
Pine Lodge Motel, 824 S Jackson St, Jacksonville, TX 75766, (903-586-2255)
Trade Winds Motel & Restaurant, 520 S Jackson St, Jacksonville, TX 75766, (903-586-2574)

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Hours of Operation

As I said the promoter is opening at 8am on Friday morning, and will be charging no extra fees for it.


No actual soil was sampled during the gathering of information for this report.




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