Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

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TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Jacksboro, Texas


Date:  22 AUG 04


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Click the map below to be taken to a Mapquest map to the track.    Don't forget that you can zoom in, print or whatever to get you there.




Check the Long range local Weather from AccuWeather by clicking here.


Then Check Weather.com radar by clicking the radar map below.  Jacksboro is in the center of the county to the left of Decatur.



Here is a picture of the camp area and the MX track


jacksCamp.jpg (124973 bytes)

jacksMX.jpg (137953 bytes)


And of course a GPS map of the track area. Download it print it and take it with you. All markings are approximate.

jacks 2 2D D.jpg (118604 bytes)





Track length & notes:             

 First off, this is last year's report. My bad. I just didn't have time to get out there this last weekend...I was motoring around on the world's biggest dirtbike, the BMW R1200GS...thanks to a new friend, Joel Watson.


Anyway, this property is fairly predictable so the report from last year should be OK for directions and hotels and so on.



 8.59 Miles for the main track,  

    About 1.7 for the Pee Wee track   

     Amateurs ride  first, 

             Great catering by Two Rivers...I think  


Like Jean, & some of the other tracks, first ya gotta get to Jacksboro.  From The northern parts of the metroplex, try 35 north to Denton, then 380 west, of course you could take 114 west to Bridgeport, then 380 west. I understand that the 287 / 81 north  thing works out well to get up to 380. As does 199 out of Ft Worth.  Once 380 gets close to Jacksboro, ya gotta make a little right hand jog ( 380 and 281 share the asphalt for a couple of miles into the town ) then straight on through town, onto 281 / 114  north / west. After about seven miles north of town, 114 splits off toward the left, that is north west, where you'll  continue on to AC Lane. It's on your left just shortly after the 114 split...about a hundred yards. Then left on AC Lane and the track is about .75 miles down that road.  Caution, the track crosses this road ( AC Lane ) several times, be careful!!

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Description  Flat. Hard. Fast. Very well marked, with an MX track in it  Marty Cathey the promoter, has made us a fantastic track this year! No longer do we go under the bridge, no longer do we have to camp on the opposite side of the road from the track.  What we have instead is eight and a half miles of high speed woods riding that you can actually race on. Bring your big gears and hard terrain tires!! That is to say that there is no part of this entire venue that isn't wide enough to pass on!!  The start is in the southwest corner of the camping area, through a gate, then right, off into the woods. There about twenty yards of sand at one spot, and there's a rock out there in another spot. But again it's wide enough to be plenty safe.  After 10 minutes of corner to corner drag racing, the track brings you to a MX track, that once again, looks wide, safe, and fun. The biggest problem I saw with this place was the dust, although it's expected to rain  so maybe it wont be too bad. Otherwise I see nothing that would prevent everyone from the minis to the Pros from having a good time. It's gonna be fun.

The Pee Wee track is the same as last year for the most part, and looks to be one of the most fun the little guys will have all year...just like last year. It's up and down a fairly gentle sloping hill and is also fairly wide without too much sand or rocks to throw the kids down. It's a pretty track though, well marked and shaded. Dad will certainly run outta breath chasing the kids on this one though.

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Camping     The Camp area is nice and grassy but go buy ant killer now.  Bring it with you. Please don't pour gasoline on the ants, if you do, and I see you, I will call the EPA myself.  But, protect yourselves, there are lots of ants out here, watch where you step. They will eat your children.  The Camp area is pretty flat and in a huge wheat field ( that's why you can't pour gas on the ants ) it's fenced on all sides with the main track going past on two sides and the Pee Wee track on a third side.   
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Spectator Rating The entire property has dirt roads that go here & there so getting out on the four wheeler, to do some watching or photography is generally not a problem  The track cuts across the main road several times so please be careful and please be responsible for the kiddos ! 
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 There are a couple of small hotels in Jacksboro,


Butterfield Depot Motel, 544 N Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-5567)
Fort Richardson Motel, 624 S Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-5507)
Jacksboro Inn, 704 S Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-3751)

I've stayed at the Butterfield and the Jacksboro Inn, both are OK places.

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Hours of Operation


This is Marty's  private land, so hours are gonna be just the race weekend. He says he'll be open at five o'clock on Friday evening.




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