Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon Jerry's Place, in Gholson Texas


Date:  06 OCT 02


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Track length & notes:             


 Big Track...8 miles

 Pee Wee Track 1.5 miles

 Amateurs race first.

Bring an extra air filter and your sand tires.

 Make sure your steering stabilizer is working correctly.         

 While this is the same place we raced at in 1998, it's not the same track. Last time we parked in the trees, and raced around the field, this time, we park in the field, and race around in the trees!

Directions I've tried this two ways and from the metroplex, both ways take about an hour and a half.

 So it's easy enough I guess. Ya just go south on I-35 ( E or W ) and the I-35s will meet just north of Hillsboro. Continue on south through Hillsboro, and on to the little town of West. The exit you want is the first exit past West, it's #351, FM1858, turn right. The exit is sharp, goes onto a two-way road, and is only about 15 feet long, so be careful. About 9 miles later, you'll get to a TEE. That's  Hwy 933 ( remember that for later if ya need a hotel )Go left. Now take the next right, it's real quick, about 75 yards. Once you turn right, you'll be back on FM1858, keep goin' until you hit another TEE, you'll see the city hall and fire dept. To your right is a light blue school building...go that way ( right ) and turn left by the school, that's Hamilton rd. Go until the road starts to turn into a dirt road and turn right onto another dirt road, that's Mary Ware rd.  It's a little over a mile  to Jake Sparks rd. and it only goes to the left, so go that way. The track is about a mile and a half on your left...look for the dust.

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    As you pull in the gate the Pee Wee track will be to your right and the campground is straight down the road. I always like the way Donnie  lays out a track, dunno why, just that there seems to be the right amount of tight and open...or something. I kinda thought this place was pretty rough and cobby, on my first lap, but after a few people had ridden it, it smoothed out...and got silty and dusty...bring your respirator!

  The track is probably gonna be mostly sand, well silt actually. Silt on top of hardpack, in some places. It's kinda short and kinda fast. The track winds along by the south and west side of the camping area doing some twisties through the cactus, with a couple of dips and rises here and there. Eventually, it comes out into a field that was a plowed grain field of some sort at one time, and riding across the furrows is fairly unpleasant. Bumpy, I mean. It's probably about a quarter mile across the field, where you'll make a U-turn and head back. If you're fast, and your steering stabilizer is in good working order, you should be able to get about 75 mph out of it. I thought I had my scooter tapped out on a couple of the longer straights, and when I got back to the trailer, I glanced at the "max speed" thingie, it said 60mph, or so I thought. Later when I got to the car wash and took it off to wash the bike, I took a closer look...80 mph. Be careful.

 Anyway, you go down the straight back into the woods for about 2 minutes, and then you pop out into the field again...high speed, u-turn,  high speed, into the woods for about two minutes...repeat...four more times. I think we cross that field 8-10 times, and in between, there's a little tight woods stuff. It's a little tight in some areas, well, not really "finger smackin'" tight, but the woods are kinda dense with vines and such, so it's hard to see around the corners, and the silt makes it hard to turn very sharp when you suddenly realize which way you have to go. Be careful on your first lap. Also, the downhill, has about 3 feet of powder at the bottom of it and the front wheel wants to sink into it, it's ok, just watch out on your first lap..

  There were some vines and uncleared areas to catch your jersey on when I rode the track, but that was a week ago, and it should be cleared by now. As it always is here in Texas, dust will be a factor, but the weather guide says rain on Thursday. We'll see.


 The PW track is mostly flat grass-track, and fairly clear, so it should be easy to keep an eye on the kiddos. There are a few hundred yards of wooded section and ...domestic obstacles in the back part of it. It's just about a mile and a half, and has maybe, one down hill, and one uphill, and it uses the barn that we raced through a few years back. It's a little spread out though, but that should make it pretty fun for the little guys. I had a blast on it...as usual.



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  Bumps.  Flat enough but with bumps. According to Donnie, this is the field we raced across last time. It's flat and seems large enough. No shade. Don't go racing in the big rig across the campground, no matter how flat it looks. If you do, you'll surely break momma's good plates in the back, or at least pitch your scooter out. And there are ants. And lots and lots of stickers, wear your shoes at all times.  And according to Jerry, snakes...and spiders, and all sorts of wild animals...including turkeys, and not just the ones on the bikes. 

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Spectator Rating As we were out on the track it looked like there was ample trails out there that we weren't on, in fact we'll need about 300 road crossing guards so get ready to volunteer now. Or at least be warned that the racetrack crosses access roads at least 15 times over on the west side of the property by the river. Anyway, I assume you can get around easy enough. Spectating ought to be great.
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I used to be the only one to publish this kinda stuff for you guys but now it seems to be kinda common information...I'm raising the bar, huh? Anyway here it is: 

 Jerry says that Waco is only about 15 minutes south if you go down Hwy 933 ( remember? ) so the best chance for a clean hotel is in Waco and the ones that are closest to the I-35 and 933 junction are as follows.

Motel 6  1509 Hogan Ln
Waco, TX 76705

Royal Inn  1405 New Dallas Hwy
Waco, TX 76705

Days Inn  1504 Interstate 35 N
Waco, TX 76705
Fax: 254-799-3031 

Hampton Inn 4259 Interstate 35 N
Waco, TX 76705
Fax: 254-412-0395


You can call 'em for exact directions from 933 / I-35.

Oh yeah, Jerry says that there is a good steak house down the road a piece, if you head south on 933 then take the eastbound road to Elm Mott...whatever.

Hours of Operation

This is private land so, as usual, it's only open for the race. Gate will open at noon on Friday.