Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

ExtremeLand MX Park

TORO Race #

Pre-Race Recon of ExtremeLand in Terrell, TX


Date:  11 OCT 01


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TORO Race Schedule here.


You can view a Mapquest Map by clicking the Map below, once there, zoom and print as you need to.



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 Below are some specific area maps, & photos when available. 


Sorry but the topo map was just white with one elevation line so not much to show there.


.   .And no, I'm afraid that there's no sat image for this area, as it is too new.



And no as well on the GPS map of the track, I haven't got the program figured out on that one even though David & Gary have been helpful, I guess I'm a dolt!


  This is it. The second in a series of events put on by the Texas Off-road Racing Organization. And just as the first was a success, I would imagine this event to follow suit, in that the venue is in a lot of ways, similar to the first one.



 This one, like the first one, is close enough that you may come from a variety of different directions, so look at the map. I will give you a couple of particulars though. If you're coming from the north you can go around Dallas on I-635, to I-30, then east to Rockwall. There's an exit for hwy 205, take that south toward Terrell, and eleven miles down the road, there's a tiny little road, with a tiny little sign that says something about 243. It's across from  FM 1392 and next door to Jeanies Salvage yard...or some such. Turn left ( east ).  3.3 miles later you'll see the entrance on your right.

 If ya take I-20 out of Dallas to Terrell, you can still take hwy 205, but you'll go north toward Rockwall, and it's about 7 miles I think to the junk yard, and the 243 turn off. It's a hard sign to see so look for it, it's a regular street sign. And TORO will have a sign out there I'm sure. 

 If you live close to the GWB turnpike, you can take that east and south until it just turns into Rowlett rd. Follow that across the lake to Roan Rd. & take a left, I-30 is a mile down the road, and if you head east there, you'll see the 205 exit in about 7 miles.


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 Like The BSGP this place is a largely flat area, that the promoter has used to good effect, with lots of twisties to fold a seven mile track onto a 200 acre plot.  The way I understand it, is that the land owners allowed the TORO people to go out and cut a track as they saw fit. It has a wonderful Moto area, that has jumps that even the Patman can get ( slightly ) airborne on,  and a grass track ( 2 in fact ), and a couple of straights. I saw two potentially wet spots ( though both were dry on the day of my visit ) and there were alternate lines. There are about four or maybe five tight woods sections, though not as tight as the tight section of the BSGP 'A loop'. And none of them are really long or extremely treacherous, though as with any new-cut track there are quite a lot of exposed roots. And the collateral damage to the jersey and upper dermis  may be there from an errant branch or sapling. There is a sand pit, with some interesting terrain involved, and many Mesquite trees doting the area.

  The terrain is comprised mostly of black dirt. And it was making just a bit of dust as I went around with my riding partner. A bit of rain wouldn't hurt. Though will be a pain.  

 I'd probably keep the tighter gearing I used at the BSGP, and run intermediate tires as the woods seem to be hard, the sand pit is ...well, sandy, and the MX section is ...intermediate. There was just a bit of powder silt in one or two sections of the woods. I saw no real danger on this track, but do be careful on your first lap it's fresh cut track and there are a few rain ruts. And a fence to go around here or there, though the fences are pretty well marked off. 


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 The camping area wasn't yet mowed the day I visited this venue, but there appears to be plenty of it and it is relatively flat, ( again, watch for rain ruts ) Except for an occasional Mesquite tree there seems to be no major encumbrances in the area ( shade ).


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Spectator Rating  Well of course there's the Moto section that's really not a section but a full blown MX track, and it's very nice indeed, with big trees to stand under, and good visibility. The rest of the track seems to have pretty good access as well, this one should allow you to get to just about anywhere to cheer for your hero ( heroine ).  
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I didn't do a lot of research on this area cause it's so close to the metroplex, however, both Rockwall and Terrell, are close by, and are bastions of civilization.  And you can click here to see a list of what's available in Terrell.

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Hours of Operation

  Stand by.  This is a MX park that has regular races, but I'm afraid I didn't get that info in my research. As for the race, Saturday practice for a limited time, and Sunday races.