Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Trinity River, Dallas, TX.


Date:  30 JUN 02

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 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 




gate.jpg (33446 bytes)

The gate, 183 is on the left. It's only 12 ft high, if ya got a big rig, go the the right.

notice.jpg (52364 bytes)

Remember the rules of Mesquite? This is city property, the law will be on site, don't screw up. 

residue.jpg (32554 bytes)

Who did this?  Please don't leave anything on city property. Please. I'm not sayin' this as much 'cause I'm Mr. Goody Goody, as I'm sayin' it 'cause they wont let us come back again.







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  Well, we finally get to race one where we can sleep at home if we wanna. 

 The track is 8.1 miles long. Hard terrain tires ( if it don't rain! ) 

 It's the last race before the break, drink water, it's gonna be hot and humid.


Yesterday's rains ( Friday evening ) made the track perfect, the camp ground nice and dust free, and sadly, the entrace over the levy too slick for most to pass. It'll be OK later, so  ya better wait 'tlll afternoonish, to go to the track.



I was out at the track today, and if you didn't know it had rained you couldn't tell it had rained. It's hard as a rock, and dusty.


As I was out there this afternoon, readin' some of the graffiti on the bridge, it occurred to me that we're actually racin' in the city...I mean IN THE CITY.  You know..."the city"?  You don't understand?  Let's put it this way, I'd make sure my camp was...uh...secure, before I turned in, if I were you.

  Ok I gotta tell you these other things as well. Just to keep things straight. If they hadn't told me I wouldn't know either, so now I'm tellin' you folks.

 As you may know, this is ( once again ) on city property...like Mesquite. Please don't leave as much as a gum wrapper on the ground. Nothing.  It can be seen from 183 and I35 and will be considered "unsightly residue of those nasty motorcycle racers". Please be on you best behavior. There may be news coverage ( again ), so put on your Sunday best. Notice the pictures of the camp area in the Virtual Tour, it's fairly clean. Let's leave it that way.

  Please refrain from camping in the clearing at the east end of the levy. That's there so the big rigs can turn around to go down the pit road. If you block it, we'll have a mess.

  You may want to bring fireworks but don't. The law will be on the scene, as in Mesquite, and fireworks are illegal on city property.  Also, please don't ride your fourwheeler or scooter on the levy. The city will not tolerate it. It will leave trails that can be seen from the highway.  Don't ride on top and don't practice your hill climbing. It wont go well for you. Park your pit bike at the bottom and carry your chairs up to where you wanna sit. Cars only on top. This is considered a road, and if you don't have a Texas license plate you don't belong there.


 Don't forget the Summer Party! Saturday night. After the Pee Wee races.

        And let's not back off the drive to cut out pit speeding. Remember 10 mph.  


   You'll probably come in on 30 or 80 from the east, or I-35 up from the south. Or maybe even loop 12 from the west. There are so many ways to get here that it's best to look at the map. Remember, you can print, zoom, print and zoom again, until you get a good idea of where you're going. The area is north and west of the downtown area of Dallas. In the end, you'll wanna find yourself on I35E or 183. The track's in the Vee that those two hwys form where they come together ( look at the map ) 

 Most of you will come either up or down I-35, or maybe 183, the track is in between them. Either way, exit on Regal Row. Exit to the west from I35 and to the east of 183.  

 One note, if you're coming in on I35E, and exiting on Regal Row, the west bound direction of Regal Row ( the way you're going ) has some considerable construction going on, so to avoid most of it, turn right on King James, go down to Round Table, turn left and go till you get to the track.


From 183 exit Regal Row, go east, turn left on Governors Row, then left again on Round Table and on to the track.  Look at the map!


 . . .

 I'm beginning to se a pattern forming with the tracks that Donnie lays out...there great fun!  Like Mesquite, this track was laid out by Donnie, Phil, Jerry, and a couple of others. And like Mesquite it should be loads of fun. It has ..."flow".  Also like Mesquite, the ground is hard and black. No sand. But you can count on that gray dust. 

   There's about 5 miles in the woods, but not like woods that you'd think. They've taken a tractor around most of it, and even though the woods are so dense that you can't see the sun, it's about two fourwheelers wide most of the way!  

  In and out of dried up creek beds, up and down, with about thirty or forty little places to get some small air, it's like an Olympic toboggan run. I found myself laughin' most of the way, as I rode around on my four-wheeler. It's that much fun.

     There's also about two miles of open grass track that can all be seen from the top of the levy. This area looks extremely fast, but is hindered by the thousands of rain ruts that run all through the area. Were talkin' ruts like a big truck leaves when it gets stuck in the mud here! And they're hidden by the grass!  It's rough as a cob!  Donnie, say's he'll try to run the blade around it before the race to smooth it somewhat, in the meantime be careful, during practice, they'll throw you down.

There's only one hill to speak of, and it's not very tall, but kinda steep, so it has an alternate. There are 2 or three water crossings, but unlike Mesquite, they have gravel in the bottom, and shouldn't be a problem...shouldn't.

 On the day I was out there, I over heard the track being described as "awesome", "supremely awesome". and "Fu***ng awesome". 

  I guess it's OK then.


 The Pee-wee track is about 1.6 miles, and is all flat track. It doesn't go into the woods at all, so you should be able to watch your tyke around the whole thing from the levy. Be careful, the ground is hard as a rock, and there are ruts.


Fourwheeler rating : this is a rating of how wide the track is, in other words "can you drive a fourwheeler around it with out getting stuck?". In this case the rating is excellent! A fourwheeler will make it all the way around. So will a small pick-up!


Torn Jersey factor: this is a rating of how well the track cutters cleared a track of vines, branches, and face slappers. Again, the rating is very high here.  There were a few "fresh cut" areas that may grab your new jersey, but for the most part they've cleared a wide path. ( unlike the last place )


  .. .

  As you approach the gate, there will be an overpass to your left. If all ya got is a truck or something short you could go that way. The pee wee track is just to the left of the overpass ( 183 ) on the other side of the levy. Camping is from there back under the bridge to where the grass track and start areas are, about a half a mile to the east. 

 If ya got a bigger rig, taller that 12 feet, and I mean 12 feet, go up the hill to your right. You'll have to drive up on top of the levy until you get to a downramp, where you can turn around and follow the road back to the camping area. ( see pictures )

 Lots and Lots of camping area. Not a lick of shade though, so bring your own. The area has all been mowed and is fairly flat, though the camping area is on the same ground as the grass track...that would be the one with a thousand ruts in the ground. It's not bad, but don't just go haulin' ass across the field or you'll surely spill your beer.     

. .
Spectator Rating The grass track and pee wee track will be a hoot to watch from the top of the levy, and that's several miles of track there. I did see a few road crossings out on the main track, and we go along the river at least once, although Donnie said he was addin' a second section into the riverbed this week. 
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  There's a Ramada that's sponsorin' the event, right next to the track their number is, 214.634.8550

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Hours of Operation

 This place is strictly off limits until race day. Don't take a chance on a ticket here, it is after all, city property. But they are gonna open the gates at 14:00 on Friday.