Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Tate's Ranch in Crafton, TX.


Date:  23 MAY 04


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You can view a Mapquest Map by clicking the Map below, once there, zoom and print as you need to.



Click the radar map below to go the The Weather Channel for this track's weather forecast.


 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 


OK these pictures are old, from a track we rode a couple of years back, but if you don't read the text, the pictures will show the type of land you'll be on.


And here's the actual track map.

Crafton 2.jpg (183310 bytes)


  .And some recent pix...

rough double.jpg (84441 bytes)

Don't try to roll it.

There's no trail between humps!

04 camp.jpg (68944 bytes)

The new camp area.

MX to the left, PW to the right.


  What is it about the rain this year? Last year it was upside down maps on the flyers, this year it's rain...

 This track will be fun, little pockets of woods connected by short ( and some long ) straight-a-ways.  Track length is 10.25 miles, or so, and the PW track is 1.5 miles.

Amateurs ride first.



Alright, let's see. Crafton, is north of Decatur. From here in the north Dallas area, I went up I-35 to Denton, then on the north side of Denton, I took 380 west to Decatur. In Decatur, you would take 81 / 287 north toward Alvord. Now as you get into the Alvord area, look for 1655. Turn west, ( left as you come from Decatur ). Now about 1.7miles later, there is a small road to the right, there's not much warning, and not much marking, it's 2265, turn right there. It's 9.1 miles to the next turn and that's called 2127, turn right. 2.4 miles farther is the entrance, it's called 1990 in Crafton. There's a cemetery on the right. It's a dirt road. Cross the cattle guard, the track is on the left.


If you're coming from Ft.Worth you'll probably take 287 straight up to Alvord  


If ya got a GPS just head to  33 deg. 23.16 N

                                          97deg  57.50 W


The flyer has a different set of directions...they work too.


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I Liked the Crafton track. 

  If ever there was an "intermediate tire track" this is the one. You'll find rocks, sand, loam, hardpack, sandy loam, loamy mud, and loamy, sandy, rocky, mud, grass...and cow bones. 

 I'd say that the area is mostly flat, but a creek runs through the property, and that means that there will be some ups and downs any time you get close to it.  Not really big enough to be called hills, but not flat. 

  I wouldn't call it "tight" either, but you'll have to save your passing for the more open areas. The good news is that there is an open area ( an area suitable for a pass, where you can shift more than once ) every 150 yards or there abouts. It seems to flow pretty good and the layout is nice. The only thing ya gotta watch out for is the hidden rocks in the grass...get off the trail but a little, and you may get off your motorcycle as well...be careful.

  There are several 60+ mph straights. And many more 30-40 mph mini-straights.  Basically, there are fairly short pockets of woods, connected by little open areas. There are a few Mesquite groves to do some high speed slaloms through, a creek that we cross several times, a cow graveyard, and a few rocky uphills and downhills that are short. Chances are that the creek will be dry and looking at the forecast so will the rest of the track.

   The track seemed to be fairly well marked, and there is an MX section close to the camp area, and yes it has a alternate.

Track Length 10.25 miles. 


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Camping    As you go in the gate the camping area will be to your right.  It's smooth enough with a slight grade to let the water run off. It was to be mowed this week. There is lots of grass, that hides an occasional rock from softball to basketball sized.  Oh and watch out for the ...uh...pies. You know...cow shit.  The camping area has only one tree and I'm gonna be under it so y'all stay away from it. ( bring your own shade ) 
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Spectator Rating There seemed to be lots of dirt roads going to and fro through the area. There are a few gates that the track goes through and of course a road to each gate. The only  place the main track comes close to the camp, is the by the MX track, but there seems to be lots of access.
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  There is a Motel, called Motel at the intersection of 287 and 1655 in Alvord. 

Country Crown Motel, 200 US Highway 287 Exit 1655, Alvord, TX 76225, (940-427-2318)

Otherwise I'd look in Decatur if I were you.

Best Western Inn, 1801 S US 81-287, Decatur, TX 76234, (940-627-5982)
Comfort Inn, 1709 S Highway 287, Decatur, TX 76234, (940-627-6919)
Ramada Inn, 1507 S Highway 287, Decatur, TX 76234, (940-627-6262)
Sunset Inn, 300 N Loop 287, Decatur, TX 76234, (940-627-4000)
Telstar Motel, 105 N US Highway 81, Decatur, TX 76234, (940-627-2136)

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Hours of Operation

Once again, this is a private piece of land, so race weekend only. As the flyer states. 




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