Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Cox Mountain  

TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Cox Mountain in Pittsburg, TX


Date:  17 OCT 04


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 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 


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The track map for you to print and take with you...

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And this one just for fun.

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Cox_Dozed.jpg (71271 bytes)

 BullDozed trails.


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Creek Area



I'll update this more tonight ( 14 oct 04 )


9.4 miles for the big track,




  Well the first thing is to get out of the metroplex. Head east on  I-30, if you live to the north, and I-20 may be your best bet if you live to the south.  

  I went out 380 to Greenville, and hit I-30 there.

 So then from the outskirts of Dallas, it's about two hours over to Mt. Pleasant, on I-30, or to the Hwy 271 junction if you're on I-20.

If you're going the I-30 / Mt. Pleasant route, take Hwy 271 South ( just as you get  to Mt. Pleasant ) down to Pittsburg.


If you're comin' south from I-30 to Pittsburg, Take 271 until you're about 10 miles south of Pittsburg, then at the Conoco station, take the 593 south / east.  Go to 2796, where you'll turn left & on to the track after two miles. It's a chicken farm


 If you're goin' the I-20 route, take the Hwy 271 exit north to  Gilmer, where you Take 155 north / east for about 27 miles to 2796 north / east for another 6.66 miles to the track.



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 Almost all bulldozed in the last few weeks, and with lots of rain in the last week...and the new "non-smellin' " chicken coops, this could turn out to be a pretty nice race.

 We're runnin' backwards from last time, and as I said the track, for the most part is wider now, thanks to Jeff "Dozer" Cox..


  Different from the flat tracks of the west, this one has lots of turns and lots of elevation changes.

 The course is a little bit tight. I don't mean tight like "bang you bars on the trees " tight. No, it actually seems plenty wide, and the promoter says he can drive a tractor around most of it. But lets put it this way...there won't be a lot of need for those top two gears, so save some weight and leave 'em at home. Or just run a 65 tooth rear sprocket. 

  Seriously, I had fun ridin' this one. It has hills, but nothing too long or steep,  There are good downhills to go with the uphills, but none of those are nasty. They have a short grass track section around a few barrels, And one or two places where you go into an open area and can cool your radiators for a second. There are about four or five creek crossings, though they were mostly dry last week. They did put a jump over one of them if ya got the nerve. And the others have bridges this year.

 The track is kinda sandy, though there are enough rocks mixed in that I wouldn't run a pure sand tire, unless I had one to waste. The foliage is fairly dense, and since it's the growin' season, the track cutters are having a problem keeping the stray limbs and branches cut back. I came away with a torn jersey, and a scratched cheek ( facial cheek that is ) from errant brush. I'd be careful on my first lap if I were you.

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Camping  The camp area is huge, fairly flat but a little bumpy, and the track goes around it on three sides. There are trees along the edges of the campsite and the grass is OK but you'll need your own shade for the center areas.  
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Spectator Rating If ya look at the Track Map over to the right, you can see that the track goes around the whole camp area. There are little access roads all around the camp area, you just have to look for them, I did take the time to mark a few of them on the map this year..
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Mt Pleasant:

  Comfort Inn ( Racer Discount ) 903.577.7553



Carson House Inn & Grille, 302 Mount Pleasant St, Pittsburg, TX 75686, (903-856-2468)
Holman House Bed & Breakfast, 218 N Texas St, Pittsburg, TX 75686, (903-856-7552)
La Villa Gardens Motel, Highway 271 N, Pittsburg, TX 75686, (903-856-6574)
Surrey House Inn, 508 S Greer Blvd, Pittsburg, TX 75686, (903-856-3677)

 Gilmer Inn, 1005 S Wood St, Gilmer, TX 75644, (903-843-3033)
Ramada Inn, 920 S Wood St, Gilmer, TX 75644, (903-843-6099)

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