Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


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Pre-Race Recon of Bonita TX


Date:  21 SEP 03


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Track length:             Around 12 miles.






Well, for the most part ya go like you're going to Muenster, which is to say up I-35 from Denton  ( or Ft. Worth ), until you get to Gainsville. Then take Hwy 82 West towards Muenster, only you'll go through Muenster, & continuing on Hwy 82, you'll pass through Lindsay, & St. Jo. Then about five miles past St. Jo, you'll see 1815. That's your turn, to the right.

Of course some of you may want to come up 287 north to,  oh, say, hwy 59, & head off north east towards St. Jo, and then pick up Hwy 82 west to 1815. 

Now, after about three fourths of a mile, 1815 kinda 'jogs' off to the right, and I think they call it Old Bonita Rd. there. At any rate, you'll stay to the right toward Bonita ( but you'll still be on 1815 ), & as you leave town ( don't miss it ), on 1815 now going north, you'll see Talley Rd on your right, about a quarter of a mile past town, turn right there. I guess it's about one & three quarters mile down that road to the track.

 See map.  Remember you can zoom in, and print,  or whatever to take yourself there. 

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Description   This track is about the same as last years track. But So what?  This is ( as far as I'm concerned ) one of the best tracks on the circuit. Why? Because the owner can drive a tractor around every foot of it! ( or so I'm told ) At any rate, this one is one of my favorites, long high speed straights, deep sand whoops, with just a touch of air-time for fun. Dan took a bull dozer around the much of track last week, & smoothed it out from the last TORO event, but the recent rains ( and SNOW ) may have left some rain ruts.  The ponds are probably gonna be high, & we may have to skirt around the edge of some of them, try to stay out of the water, & we'll all have a few less mud holes!  Dan is watching the weather and says the track will be 12-13 miles depending on how he runs certain parts ( to allow for the weather and moisture in the soil, I assume ) There are some newly refurbished jumps as well so watch out.

You'll certainly see top gear several times on this track, but don't gear too high because some of the sandy areas can be deep and when ruts form, tight as well. I'd gear for the deep sand.

Bring your sand tire, for those of you who've been there, you know what I mean, for those of you who haven't...you will!  Not many rocks at all, only a small amount of gravel for a hundred yards here & there.

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Camping      This place actually has some grass around the camping area, and even some trees here & there and while it may be dusty on the trail, it rarely is in the camp area. 
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Spectator Rating The entire property has dirt roads that go here & there so getting out on the four wheeler, to do some watching or photography is generally not a problem 
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Hotels  There are Hotels in Muenster, and Nacona.

 Nocona Hills Motel, 100 E Huron Cir, Nocona, TX 76255, (940-825-3161)
Nocona Inn, 219 Clay St, Nocona, TX 76255, (940-825-8800)
Sands Motel, 1125 E Highway 82, Nocona, TX 76255, (940-825-3346)

A-Ok Motel, 700 E Division St, Muenster, TX 76252, (940-759-2268)

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Hours of Operation


This is Dan's private land, so hours are gonna be just the race weekend. He says he'll be open at five o'clock on Friday evening.