Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon Stone Creek Ranch in Bells, Texas


Date:  09 MAY 04


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This is last year's map. I didn't get out there to make a new one this year, but you can at least get an Idea of where the track is located from the pits. I understand that we're running backwards from this.







 Be careful. Have fun. Race hard, play fair.



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Track length & notes:             


 Big Track...13.+ miles

 Pee Wee Track 1.6 miles


OK A few notes...

 Make sure we don't leave a mess, and for the people who are not long time members of the club, or don't follow the internet, or this site, we need to help them to remember to not mess up this piece of land.

Two, there may be an inordinate amount of thorns, unless you want to ride on flat tires, Tom would suggest that you prepare for thorns. Last year, He used the word "Slime"... several times.

 Three, you heard what Ross said last race...slow down in the pits and clean up your trash, or we all may have to start watchin' golf on Sunday's!


   This one is fairly close to the metroplex, especially if you live in the northern side as I do.

   121 north seems to be the best bet from the mid cities or Ft.Worth, and the Lewisville area, while Central ( or 75 ) straight  north out of Dallas works as well.

   121 and 75 share the same stretch of concrete for a while north of McKinney, then at exit #45, 121 cuts off to the right, ( north east ). The map on the flyer seems pretty accurate and easy to follow. So it's a simple matter of heading north and east on 121 till you get to 160. The flyer says there's a flashing yellow light there. Turn north or left, on 160. From then on it just a straight shot through Whitewright, where the road changes names to 69. Of course the track entrance on Everheart rd will be marked, but just in case, it's 14.5 miles from the 121 intersection. Turn left on Everheart, and the road will take a left turn and you'll see a dirt road leading to the track entrance. 

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  Most of you will remember this place from last year, it was kinda damp, and just a bit slippery.  Check the weather and "tire accordingly ".   If it remains dry, only the creek crossings will be a problem. 

     The track is on a really pretty piece of property with tall wild grass, and small rolling hills with a creek that runs through the area, and of course a wooded area that follows the creek. The track cutters ( builders, I mean ) have laid out a fairly decent spread for us, that includes about six miles of grass track that alternates in and out of the creak area and the accompanying  woods. The wood areas are only slightly tight, certainly not bad, but I'll warn you now, at race speeds you'll need your barkbusters. The open grass areas, are nothing short of a blast to ride, in fact, it wouldn't bother me to have about fifty yards added on to the end of each of these straight-a-ways. There's one section on the grass track area, where there are two or three little pop-up jumps in between each corner for about 6 or 8 corners, and no matter what your skill level, it'll make you smile.

    Every time you get into the woods you're close to the creek, and in 80% of the woods excursions we'll drop down into, and pop up out of, the creek before the next grass track section. These "in and out of the creek" sections are almost always accompanied by one or more 12 foot G-outs, most of which you just roll through with a little throttle, and a couple that are kinda steep going down and coming back up the other side. Keep up your momentum, stand up, and they'll be no problem. In fact, I can't think of any part of the track that will be a problem...if it remains dry.  Don't forget last year though, this kinda dirt gets about as slick as it gets during periods of moisture.

 The dirt is black hardpack like out at Rocky Ridge, Dallas, or Mesquite. Hard, fairly dust free, fast, and fun as hell. Bring your 739s if it's dry and your ice tires if it rains!!  Not much sixth gear stuff so no need to gear any different than normal.



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  The camping area is about 40+ acres according to Tom, and it looks fairly smooth. It's open, there's plenty of grass, not many vines, stickers, or other obstacles.  Even so, the grass is tall but in no way bad. The view is great, one of the nicest we've had. It looks out over a small valley.  It is however, on the side of a hill. Now don't get scared, it's not a steep hill at all, so don't get the wrong idea.  This allows you to see a lot of the track, as it's the highest hill in the area, and makes for pretty cool spectating. On the other hand, be careful where you park in the event of a rainstorm. No matter where you, are it's uphill to the exit. If you were here last year though you'll remember that there were plenty of tractors to get everybody out fairly quickly. If the weather holds we won't need them, but last Saturday there seemed to be one or two tractors hangin' out.

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Spectator Rating Like I said you can see a lot from the hill we camp on and if you follow the creek, you can see the track cross it 300 times ( just kidding...only 200 ) There seems to be a road that goes through and around the area, but as it's new land you won't find trails that lead off in all directions. It seems open enough though, that watching your hereo from one of the grass track areas should be fairly simple.
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Hotels OK this time I'm gonna refer you to the AOL Yellow Pages cause there were no Hotels that I passed by on the way to the track and thus I can't vouch for any of them, I'll let you pick your own. I will however, provide a link for you...just click HERE
Hours of Operation

This is private land so, as usual, it's only open for the race. Gate will open at 10 AM  on Friday.




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