Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon Pool Ranch, in Athens Texas


Date:  28 MAR 04


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Here's a track map that shows the whole place. print it ( in landscape mode, fit to paper ) and take it with you.




Track length & notes:             


 Big Track...10.25 + miles

 Pee Wee Track 2.0 miles

 Don't forget that there will be pit bike races on the Pee Wee track ( I think ) on Saturday afternoon at 3:00. Not to mention the Band up on the hill by the house. And there are SHOWERS up there too!

 Ross has made us up a nice track...again.

 Oh yeah, there will be HOLESHOT prizes at this one so get your clutch in shape!

 He seems to have made it a little wider, and faster  than last year, and has made plenty of provisions for rain / water, with extra tractors and bridges available just in case. 



Alright. Here's how I got there. From Dallas, I take 175 south / east.   Keep goin' on through Gun Barrel City, on to Athens. As you start to get close to the town you'll see loop 317 and I think it says Hwy 31 to Tyler on the same sign. Go east ( Left )

I think it's the next exit that you take it's called Hwy 19, go north ( left again ).  Now it's a few miles up to your next turn, it's a right, onto FM 2752, Then left onto FM 3817, there's kinda a big right and then left sweeper, and next you'll come up to FM3818, go right. Look for the FM 3819 sign on your left, take that one and the ranch will be marked on your left.

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  I rode this place just last week, and as you can imagine it was wet. The good news was that there was no place that was not makable.

 Ross has, for the most part, kept us on the higher ground and out of the swamps this year.

 The start is gonna be a blast, a fairly long straight and sweeping right hander before ya get to the main track. We'll be running to the right or counter-clockwise, or backwards to the direction we ran last year...sorta. Truth is, that while I recognized a place or two from last year, most of it is new, and thankfully, he left out the swamps!  I did recognize the last mile or two as the first mile or two from last year, and there is one section of whoops that is left over that will surely get your legs burnin'. 

   I'd run soft terrain tires here. Stock gearing should do, it's not very tight at all. There's not too much in the way of rocks, though I did see some on one of the hills. There were just a few vines and uncleared areas to catch your jersey on when I rode the track, and I got poked in the eye at least once. But for 90% of it, I'd say it's actually wider than last year...nice...fast. If it rains, the promoter has pre-made many bridges to keep things moving across the wet spots, and had tractors available to move them into place.


The Pee Wee track is past the first camp area and down the road on your left about 300 yards in.  That will be a camping area, and for those of you with kids that ought to be a good spot. The PW track is mostly flat and fairly clear so it should be easy to keep an eye on the kiddos. It's a little spread out though, but that should make it pretty fun for the little guys. I had a blast on it. The start area was a little muddy when I saw it, but Ross is prepared to rope off an alternate start area for the PW races.


The Band will be playin up on the hill by the house and camping area #3.



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   As I said there are three camp areas. One close to the Pee Wee track, one as you come in and a big one straight in on the top of the hill and to your right ( probably 300 yards in) . The land is cow area so... well you know. There are trees, but mostly on the outskirts of the camp area so bring your own shade as the flyer says. The area seemed flat enough so it shouldn't be too tough on the big rigs.

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Spectator Rating As we were out on the track it looked like there was ample trails out there that we weren't on, so I assume you can get around easy enough. This is after all a part time fourwheeler place ( a couple of times per year ).
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Hotels I used to be the only one to publish this kinda stuff for you guys but now it seems to be kinda common information...I'm raising the bar, huh? Anyway here it is:

Adams House, 711 E Tyler St, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-8045)
Best Western Inn, 2050 State Highway 31 E, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-9214)
Budget Inn-Athens, 305 US Highway 175 W, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-5194)
La Donna Motel, 611 W Corsicana St, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-2279)
Motel 6, 205 W US Highway 175, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-7511)
Spanish Trace Inn, 716 E Tyler St, Athens, TX 75751, (903-675-5173)
Victorian Inns, 1803 E Highway 31, Athens, TX 75751, (903-677-1470)

Hours of Operation

The people who own this place only host a couple of fourwheeler rallies a year, so for now anyway, the track is only open on race weekend.


Gate hours for this race: Friday 12am-12pm

                                    Sat.     7am-11pm

                                    Sun      6am till whenever you get ta hell out!!