Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Antelope Hills

TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Antelope Hills, in Antelope Texas


Date:  25 APR 04


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Click the map below to be shown a PROPER map to the area!


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And here's a location guide to find the track in relation to the weather map, it's not a self updating map, but the location will help you find it on the map above.

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Here's a track map that shows the whole place. print it ( in landscape mode, fit to paper ) and take it with you.


 And click HERE to see more pix of the area.



Track length & notes:             


 Big Track...9.5 miles

 Pee Wee Track 1.5 miles



Directions I went I35 north to Denton, Then 380 west to Jacksboro, then 281 north and west towards the other Jacksboro tracks. I reset my odometer at the second traffic light in Jacksboro, and measured 20.3 miles to the gate. At the 114 / 281 split, stay to the right and after about 12 miles you'll see the gate on your right. You'll know you're there when you see an old section of highway on the right side of the road.
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  A nice place. Long enough, nice enough, some good straights, and varied terrain. There are only a few tight tree sections and they really aren't that tight.  Otherwise is kinda like a western track, rocks, hard dirt and a little sand out in the open areas. It's actually a pretty area for a western track though, the course goes through some areas where there is a river along the trail, a pond to go around, some huge boulders to negotiate, and even some areas where there is nice shaded woods with grass...it looks nice...though you probably won't have time to really look.

I'd use an intermediate tire and standard gearing. Here's what ya gotta watch out for...choppy ground, and vines. Now they cleared the vines from the sides and overhead areas of the trail, but those irritating little two foot tall vines still stick up everywhere, don't go for a practice ride in you shorts and sandals.   And since it's a new track, the ground isn't "run in" yet, there's lots of rain ruts, chop, and "kickers" that will probably be gone by race time, but be careful on practice, the chop can catch anyone, as our promoter found out on the day I was there...broken wrist.


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   Flat and grassy. There are two areas. As you come in the gate, you'll make a left onto an old section of highway that will take you to the camp area. The grass has been cut short, it seems flat and I didn't see ants or any type of grass "stickers".  There is a fence all around the area, with a gate to enter from the north and a gate that leads to the PW track and the main course start areas to the south.  No trees.

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Spectator Rating Looks like there are a few access roads here and there, print a map, explore on Saturday and you'll be fine.
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Hotels In Jacksboro:

Butterfield Depot Motel, 544 N Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-5567)
Fort Richardson Motel, 624 S Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-5507)
Jacksboro Inn, 944 S Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458, (940-567-3751)

And in Graham

Gateway Inn Motel, 1401 Highway 16 S, Graham, TX 76450, (940-549-0222)
Rodeway Inn, 1919 Highway 16 S, Graham, TX 76450, (940-549-8320)


Hours of Operation



Gate hours for this race per the flyer,: Friday 4pm-12pm

                                                        Sat.     7am-11pm

                                       Sun      6am till whenever you get ta hell out!!   





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