Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Barnwell Mountain


Pre-Race Recon of the  WORCS Track @ Barnwell Mountain, in Gilmer TX.

Round 3

Date:  22 / 23 FEB 03


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Take a Look at the  Topo Maps & Aerial Photos below.


barnwell.jpg (147045 bytes) 

1800 acres...Lotsa Room To Play 

  .WORCS 3D TopoB.jpg (122248 bytes)

Actual Track Layout in 3D so ya know what you're gettin into.

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brnTral.jpg (23336 bytes)

Actual Marked Trails...Dry and rocky on top, soft and moist down below.

   .  .e3Strt.jpg (32537 bytes)

The Start is on top of the mountain, and yes, there may be some dust if it hasn't rained. It's mainly hardpack with a thin layer of fine sand.

   .up.jpg (48790 bytes)

Momentum, I've been told, is the key to the hills...ask the guy on the right.



 So this is it folks. WORCS Championship racing comes to Texas. And what better place than the 1800 acre riding park at Barnwell Mountain !?  I'm pleased to say that after previewing this track, that everyone should see a piece of terrain that they're kinda familiar with, from the western "silt on clay" and rocks and cactus that sits on top of the hills, to the Pennsylvania style black dirt, and woods and streams down in the valleys.  The track layout seems likes lotsa fun, fairly challenging, while safe enough to make sure ya get to race next week as well. 

 This time of the year Barnwell is pretty nice with 65 degrees days and 35-40 degree nights. Dust generally isn't a huge problem here, and even the rain runs off pretty fast, in fact, the day I previewed the course, it was raining while we rode.





 The track is about 6 miles north of Gilmer Tx. on the east side of Hwy 155. There's a rest area there that you really can't see from the road. Only the standard Texas state hwy dept. blue road sign. When you see it, turn into the rest area, and as you go up a little rise you'll see the gate in the back of the rest area that says "Barnwell Mountain" .  Now then. Don't go past the gate, and think you can turn around ( especially if you have a big rig ) and when you come back out after the race, don't turn to the left thinking you can get out that way, you can't...it's a dead end into the rest area, & you'll be stuck, unable to turn your motorhome around.

  So if you're in Texas, that is the Dallas area, take I-20 east for a while 'till you get to Hwy 271.  You'll see Hwy 155 first, but it's kind of a small road, 271 is better. Head north towards Gilmer. In Gilmer head on into town, & be looking for the Golden Coral restaurant on the right. Hwy 155 is the next light I think. Go to the right ( the only way you can go, if I recall ). After a couple of miles you'll have to cross a bridge . A couple of miles farther it the entrance to the rest area, on the right.      See map.   Remember you can zoom in, and print,  or whatever you need to take yourself there. If you're coming from somewhere else...well just click on the map over there. You can zoom in or out as necessary.

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 The main track is 12.1 miles in length, according to the very sensitive equipment bolted on to The Patman's ultra high tech track recon scooter.

 Overall, I'd say that Barnwell is more like an eastern track than a western track. This time of the year, you'll probably find some moist areas, ( small streams ) plenty of fallen leaves covering the track, and of course the ever popular bowling ball sized, moss covered black rock...hidden in the leaves of course.  If you look at the 3D topo map, you'll also see that there's plenty of areas where the course takes you along the side of a hill for considerable distances...just to keep your off camber skills up.

 For you western types, not to worry though, cause there a few sections of high speed sand whoops, rocky uphills, with loose soil, and buried, pointed rocks. And most of the upper plateaus are a hard baked clay with  fine silt and iron ore pebble frosting. Oh yeah, don't wear your white clothes here...they'll be orange in no time.  

 The start is on the top of the Mountain, and the course then heads south into the woods. The first 7 miles or so is not extremely tight especially by eastern standards. The course runs up and down the side of the mountain in fairly high speed fashion. On fairly well established trails. The hills are a little steep, and depending on what you're used too, about medium length, with runs of about a hundred to two hundred foot climbs...some with turns AND rocks...keep your speed up, your weight forward, and your eyes on the trail! Nothing here to really bust your ass on, and really pretty good fun.

 The second half of the course starts looking more and more like the eastern stuff. The dirt is black, soft, and covered in leaves. Much tighter here too, though again, you eastern riders may not think so.

 The hills after about mile seven are more mild, but the landscaping becomes more dense and some barkbusters may be a good idea back in there. Definitely enduro stuff. There are some fairly soft areas back in here, but the guys who laid out the track took precautions with alternates around any hill that mother nature make take from us, and eco-bridges over any marshy area that may otherwise want to swallow your scooter.

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     As you pull in the gate we will have the area directly in front of you about 1/2 mile in. We'll be on top of a small mountain, & the view isn't bad. The area seems flat enough for your big rig, though you gotta get up a couple of small hills to make it to the race / camp site.  They have electricity, in boxes, lined up like the old fashioned drive-in theater used to put up the speaker boxes over on the right as you pass the metal pavilion.

  There will of course be catering of some sort, and there's  ice  available at the front gate. I wish the camping area had a few more trees is all. 

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Spectator Rating There are Jeep trails everywhere. So you should easily be able to go out & wave your shirts over your head...er, I mean cheer, for your favorite racer. There is no doubt though, that you'll certainly scratch your tender backside if you try to go spectate some of the more dense enduro-like areas. And while it's OK to bring your fourwheeler,  There are places you wont be allowed to go on your fourwheeler. The reason is that they have to not only keep you from crossing the track, but they also need to keep the access roads clear for the med crews in the unlikely event of a crash and resulting injury. So. There will be signs up on the pit road, that will direct you to the western side of the track. 
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Special Notes This is NOT a AMA event.  You do not have to have a AMA card to race this race.  If you want to earn points or receive contingencies you will have to join the UORRA, membership fee is $30.00.  If you just want to race the race you will be allowed to purchase a day pass for $10.00.  There will be Pee Wee classes that will race on their own track on Saturday.  All Pee Wee riders will receive awards for finishing.  There will be NO CAMP FIRES ALLOWED.  There will be a designated Pit Area,  ( probably up by the start area ) this is the only place your allowed to gas your bike during the race.

Sponsor and Prizes:  The event is Sponsored by Parts Unlimited, presented by Moose.  Prizes will be awarded through 5 places and more in classes that are extremely large.

Saturday Schedule: 9am Event A, Pee Wee 4-6 yrs, Pee Wee 7-8 yrs.  9:45am Event B, 65cc A, 65cc B.  11am Event C, 0-100cc A, 0-100cc B, 16 & under, +30 C, +40 C, Women.  Also Event C1, 0-100cc ATV.  12:15pm Event D, 29-under, +30 A, +30 B, +40 A, +40 B, +50 yrs.  Also, Unclassified Class.  2pm Event E, Pro-ATV, +30 ATV, ATV B, ATV C, ATV Utility, ATV Women.

Sunday Schedule:  10am Event F, 200 C, 201 & up C, 4-st C.  12 noon Event G, Pro, 200 A, 201 & up A, 4-st A, 200 B, 201 & up B, and 4-st B.

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Hotels Gilmer Inn     903.843.3033 
Ramada Inn   903.843.6099  
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