Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

North Alto

TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Shiloh Ridge, in Alto, Texas


Date:  29 JUN 03


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Click the map below to be taken to a Mapquest map to the track.    Don't forget that you can zoom in, print or whatever to get you there.




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Here is a picture of the camp area and the start, down at the bottom is the track map. Print it and take it with you.

campNstart.jpg (49478 bytes)

Some 4 wheeler guys messin' around at the start area. The track is in the trees in the background.

CampNpWeeJPG.jpg (48933 bytes)

This is where the Pee Wee track is...sweet.


camp.jpg (105225 bytes)

 And of course, the camp area.

gate.JPG (47337 bytes)

That gate with the sign on it will be the one we go through, remember, we're on the south and west side of the fence this time.

N Alto Trk Mp.jpg (45457 bytes)

Don't forget to print it and take it with you.


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Track length & notes:             


 Now is that a great flyer or what?


Thanks to Larry Hunter for providing me with his GPS track so I could get you a map of the track.




It's just about 8.30 Miles for the main track,  

    About 1.65 for the Pee Wee track   

     Experts  ride  first,         

      Showers available Just outside the gate. 

         Concession Stand out front as well.


 I think the trails are a little nicer over there and the hills aren't as gnarly, but the camping area is just a tad off camber. Look at it this way, if it rains, there won't be any standing water in the camp area. No, actually it's nice alright, plenty of grass & all that, but it is just a little more inclined than the north side. ( why they call THIS side North Alto, I don't know )


Now here's a note or two.

 1) this is a commercial property. They make their living sellin' their space to off roaders. They're open all the time. And they charge all the time...including Friday night. So don't be surprised if you have to pay a small fee to get in Friday night. Generally not the full day price of course, but you might not get in free if you arrive on Friday afternoon at 3:00!!

2) Well be on the right as you come in the gate. In fact they'll open the gate right in front of the main road, to let you in. 


UPDATE   I just got the following note from Tom...


PATMAN  I spoke to the lady at alto last week and she said there would not be any elec. hook ups and that side would be closed.
i will call her again to be sure that hasn't changed
                                                           THOMAS GAY








Alright. Here's how I got there. From Dallas, I take 175 south / east.   Keep goin' on through Gun Barrel City, on through Athens, down to Jacksonville. Continue to follow 175 through Jacksonville, but pay attention and follow the signs for 175. As you get into town 175 hits Hwy 69, turn right there to get over to 69 south. Then take 69 south on through Rusk, then about 9 miles ( maybe a little more ) to CR 2416. You'll see a power sub-station off to the right and there's a White Step van with a big arrow on it...turn right there. Follow the road 'till it comes to a Tee. Turn right & that road will dead end into the gate.   Expect about a two & a half hour trip, from the center of the  Metroplex. I measured 125 miles from I635 and  175.


GPS     31 Deg   39.74  N

            95 Deg   05.92  W

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   OK I admit it, I didn't get to go out last week to look at this place beforehand.   However, I was out before the last race we had here, so I'll just leave this report as is.  Thanks again to Larry Hunter for sending me his GPS track so I could get the map published for all you guys.


  There don't seem to be as many nasty hills as last time, there are however, several straights, & passing areas as well as some nice bermed turns in the trail that will keep the fun factor high. That's not to mention, lots of mid-trail pop-up  jumps, especially just after the start.

   The terrain is for the most part, just like the other side. Hard red dirt covered with a thin layer of silt. And then there are some sandy sections, though nothing as deep and long and whooped out as the track on the other side of the property. Yet. It will be dusty. Intermediate tires, it's too hard for sand tires, too sandy for hard tires.

   The start looks to be the an uphill fairly average length straight, with a sharp left at the top that brings you back down to the start of the trail. The first  mile or two is great fun with lots of little pop-up jumps, and some wicked fast bermed trail sections. There are a few  maybe three or four, tight, fresh-cut, "woods and vine sections", ( in fact one of the vines brought one of us to a complete stop ) but none of them are more than a couple hundred yards long. One of these sections in particular is an alternate to a fairly gnarly ( though passable ) mudhole. I only recall seeing three or four wet spots on the track, the mudhole, ( that has an alternate ) a jump or two with a wet soggy spot in the landing area, and a corner or two that had standing water in them. There's also a creek crossing that our tour guide, David, said "may get messy", but it must not have been too much trouble during out one lap tour, as I don't even remember where it was.  I think it might be pretty darn fun. Many people have said "this is a fun place to ride" and the facilities are  civilized as well. Depending on what you're used too.  I kinda like the area myself.  As this place is also a riding park, it has many trails that are well broken in and wide enough for a fourwheeler.  


Fourwheeler rating:  This is a fourwheeler track and with the exception of the few places they put in for...well I'm not sure why they put them in exactly, but with the exception of the few "tree limb and vine "  sections it's pretty wide most of the way.



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    The Camp area is nice and grassy.  Fairly smooth, and plenty big.

 I don't think the track crosses the road through the camp area many times so that will make it a little safer. It does go around the area though so spectating should be pretty cool, especially around the start. But folks please watch your kids, I see the little ones out there unattended so often, and quite often it results in injury. The Pee Wee track is in the same general area as the camping area and is plenty wide, open, and free from injury producing obstacles, though there are many hills that will require some momentum to get up ( don't get worried Mom & Dad, kinda long hills, not steep ones ).  

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Spectator Rating The entire property has dirt roads that go here & there so getting out on the four wheeler, to do some watching or photography is generally not a problem  
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 There are a couple of small hotels in Jacksonville, and some in Rusk as well, but Alto itself is kinda small & I didn't see any on my trip through.


Southern Motor Inn, Highway 69, Rusk, TX 75785, (903-683-2688)
Weston Inn & Suites, Highway 69 N, Rusk, TX 75785, (903-683-8383)
There's also a Holiday inn express on the south side of Jacksonville,
Holiday Inn, 1848 S Jackson St, Jacksonville, TX 75766, (903-589-8500)


here's some more...

Best Western Inn, 4809 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches, TX 75964, (936-560-1906)
Econo Lodge, 2020 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches, TX 75964, (936-569-0880)

Stone Fort Motel, N US Highway 59, Nacogdoches, TX 75961, (936-564-5667)

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