Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  


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Pre-Race Recon of Brian's Farm / BSGP Denton, TX


Date:  28 OCT 01


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 Below are some specific area maps, & photos. 





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  Well, this is it. The first of what we all hope will be a great series of events brought to you by the Texas Off -Road Racing Organization. This is the first event of the first season for them, so I'd advise ya to go check it out & become a part of what we hope will become a great history!


  This one's really pretty centrally located, so you could be coming from anywhere, but from Dallas you'd probably head north on I-35E to Denton. Just as you start to get there, you'll see the Golden Triangle Mall, and the 288 loop to the east / north ( right, in this example ). Head east / north on the 288 loop for about 3.5 miles to Hwy 380, then turn east ( right, in this case ) and travel on for about 7.5 miles, till you see a microwave tower, and a Trail Dust eatery on the left. It's time to slow for the turn. 2931 is about .3 miles, turn left ( north ). Go about 3.5 miles, on 2931 and Brian's farm is on the right.


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 Brian has done an absolutely outstanding job of putting a GNCC style track on a property that is only 118 acres in size (including parking ). There is a pretty wide variety of terrain, for such a small area ( compared to some of the other cross country tracks you may have ridden on ). 

 You won't find many rocks, and few, well actually no big hills, but there is a Euro style grass track, a moto section that should please spectators, and air seekers alike. There's lots of turns, plenty of room for passing, straights that will let you get your hair blowin, a creek that the A/B riders cross twice, several roots, a few small logs, and about a half dozen g-out dips to keep you awake.

 The A/B riders also get to test the close quarter skills after crossing the creek...bring your barkbusters. Don't worry about bottlenecks though, they've cut a few alternates into the tight areas.

 The ground is almost completly hardpack, except for a short section up on the north side of the track that is pretty deep & loose sand. 

  The start will be dead engine of course, like the GNCC events, and will turn 90 degrees to the left, making a second 90 degree turn, again to the left to aim you back south again & on to the track.   I'm not much at moto, myself, and the tight A/B section on the other side of the creek makes my big bore YZM a handful, but I really had fun on the track inspection on this one. I think it's the combination of high speed turns and ample passing area that makes it so fun. 

  I'd probably run MX gears, and an intermediate to hard tire for this one.


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Camping  The "Farm"  has a 30 acre hayfield area, that is relatively flat, unencumbered by trees, or rocks, and has a nice covering of some sort of ground cover that I can only assume is ...well... hay.  The track doesn't come into the camping area, but does run along the fence to the east of the hayfield, such that some action can be seen from the top of your motor home. Last time I was out there they were using two gates, one to the north, by a house, and another that is in the middle of the camp area.   
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Spectator Rating  As the property is only ( only ! ) 118 acres, you could actually walk to quite a few areas of the track to view your hero / buddy / nemesis.  
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  The closest hotels will be back in Denton, you can use the map I provide, and this link to pick the lodging of your choice.


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Hours of Operation

  This is of course, private property, and the hours of operation are race times only.