Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Pittsburg I  

TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Prairie Creek Motor Sports in Pittsburg, TX.


Date:  05 MAY 02


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  UPDATE 02 MAY 02:

  I Just got this letter from David Culpepper, a much respected member of our club, so I'll just post it "as is" for you.


Track is 9.5 in length.  The woods section of the track will run the other direction from last years track.  But the moto track will run the same direction.  Yes, this means there is a new over and under bridge that will be in the track near the starting area.  There is also a 0.3 mile grass track that will be at the end of the loop.  The moto track has a few new jumps that have been added.  The track is dry right now with just a couple of spots back in the woods that still have water present. 
The Pee Wee track is 1.5 miles long and will not have any rocks but will have some whoops and sand.
Tracy will have a band playing Sat night for sure and is also trying to get them to play on Fri night.  Also, Tracy is trying to get a big screen so he show the Supercross Sat Night via pay for view.

 OK This ones not too bad to get too. I found it easier, and closer, to go I-30 from the North Dallas area, but you may want to go I-20 if you live in the south. Or just look at the map.

  First head east on I-30 toward Mt.Pleasant, there take Hwy 271 south toward Pittsburg, but watch the signs, and make sure you stay on 271 heading south, it takes a few turns here & there. I measured 14.3 miles from the I-30 / 271 intersection, to the turnoff in Pittsburg at FM 933. Now at the FM 933 turn there's a Texaco on one corner a Shell on the other, and you'll turn east ( left if your coming from Mt Pleasant ). Stay on FM933, for 5.25 miles. You'll see it.


 Of course if you're coming up from I-20, you'll still exit Hwy 271, but you'll go north toward Gilmer, where we were for the first race. Continue on through Gilmer, up to Pittsburg, and take the FM933 turn to the right ( east ), and then 5.25 miles to the track.



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 Alright I'll admit I didn't get to go preview the track this time 'cause the Patman Racing Bike Hauler ( my family minivan ) had a transmission failure on Saturday. I did talk to a guy who had been out there and he said, (and this is from him not me), that the track is about 50% new and 50% old that is run backwards. But that in running it backwards that the corners are smoother than before. He also told me that there is some water out there and that rain wouldn't be good for it at this point. Of course that's nothing new though.  I've seen this track two feet deep in water on Saturday, and perfect on Sunday!

Below then is what the track was last time for those of you who've not seen it.

This is one we've been to before. It incorporates a sweeping right one-eighty start, a few creek crossings, plenty of straight sections for us speed freaks, and new this year, just a little tight stuff down in the middle to keep it interesting. And if you remember, just a little bit of a motocross track for you air guys, though they've added a few new jumps this year. And a crossover bridge / tunnel where the track crosses itself.

  There's no doubt that you'll recognize a lot of it ( most ) from the last time we were there, but there's also some that has been added, and some that has been rerouted, so be careful! 

  A couple of small dips & ditches but no hills to speak of either.  Next Sunday ought to be great ! 


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Camping      As you pull in the gate we will have the area directly in front of you and to the left. West of the house. There is a huge grassy field that they had hay rolls in today, but the grass is nice. Plenty of room, plenty flat I would think. There's also a small play area over by the MX section, bring bug spray for the kids.
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Spectator Rating The area is open enough that if you watch what you're doing you should be able to see a lot of the track,  There's also a moto section, that you can go & watch from as well. 
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  To the south about 20 minutes you'll find the  Ramada Inn 

( 903.843.6099 ), and the Gilmer Inn ( 903.843.3033 ).  

 The Gilmer Inn messed up my reservations last time I stayed there, then called me & woke me up on Friday night to ask why I wasn't there ( my reservation was for Saturday night, that's why !! )

There's also a Ramada to the north about 20 minutes, in Mt. Pleasant. And there's a Days Inn across the street , & they're both at the I-30 / 271 intersection.

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Hours of Operation

 This is a private area, but I understand that he may sell memberships to the land, I only say this 'cause I saw a sign that said  "Members Only ". You might ask the promoter if you have any more questions. He's Tracy Crouch, at 903.856.6437, only call during the evenings please.

Otherwise the gates will open at Noon on Friday, till 1 am. Then reopen at 7:00 on Saturday till 11:00pm, & then Reopen at 6:00am on Sunday.