Lake Murray

Pre Race TRACK report.


How to get there...

Go north out of Dallas like you're going towards Muenster, continue north on I-35 thru Gainesville, across the Red River, continue north about 30 minutes to highway 70, turn right (head east, there's a four-way stop & a small store about half way there last place for food / drink ) after about 5 miles turn right across from the statue of the gold horse (you'll know what I mean when you see it).  Head south for 300 yards, the road will turn left (east) about 200 yards later turn right into the entrance, dirt road.


Mapquest map 

Of course when you get to Mapquest you can zoom in, zoom out, choose a printer friendly map, to take with you etc. then just close the window, & you'll be back here.


Track conditions, gearing, tires,  etc. 


 Description:   The track is mostly north and east of Lake Murray. Conditions are mostly sandy and flat with only a few elevation changes, plenty of trees but not too much underbrush.  You'll only see 5th gear two or three times on the course but it's not so tight that you can't get a couple of gears between corners. Toward the south and west side of the track there is some hard pack areas, I recommend intermediate to soft tires, it's mostly soft, but there are enough hard sections, and even a couple of rocks, to consider the intermediates.   The Hillhouse guys have cut some new trails through virgin woods, but it seems to be cleared nice enough.

Soil :    85% sand 15% hard pack.

Elevation:  90% flat 10% elevation no more than 30 ft.     

            (   Much elevation from 2-3 feet   ...whoops ! )

Dust rating:   medium  in most areas, but I noticed that there may be considerable dust in the older, more well broken in parts of the track, especially if it doesn't get any rain this week.

Spectator rating (1:5)  is a 4. Plenty of access roads and trails around the lake.

Camping and Parking rating (1:5)  is a 3.5  ( not much in the way of facilities ). A few nice areas to camp in down by the lake, but mostly open  ( recently cut ) grass fields.   However, plenty of excellent camping around the lake that's not at race site.

Normal Hours of Operation / Fees: I think this a state / gov't run facility, there is no fee to ride during the normal hours- open 24/7

  This is usually a fun track, good mixture of trees, & open trails but passing can be limited in the woods of course.

  Bring an extra pair of leg muscles for the whoops, and there are lots...remember Muenster ? !

  We're hoping for a little precipitation Tue. or Wed. but too much can cause the black dirt in the trees to get kinda ...gooey.

Click here for Lake Murray weather  

When you get the weather, scroll down & check the local radar, or moving map.

From The Weather Channel   




sat_recon_of_murray3.jpg (77234 bytes)

35 north / Ardmore / lake & track area

sat_recon_murray 1.jpg (61997 bytes)

hwy 70 turning south into track

Satrecon_of_Murray.jpg (60603 bytes)

Parking / Track




Aerial recon from U.S. geological survey.


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