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Information on Doug Taft's Kawasaki Suzuki Dealership in Greenville



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Some of you may already know Doug Taft. He's raced with us before, is fairly fast, and is one of the main characters in the TORO management.

Doug has recently bought a Kawasaki and Suzuki dealership over in Greenville. I know this 'cause some of my friends Mike Esposito and Tom Johnson, were are constantly goin' over to help him assemble his vast inventory of new bikes.

I had planned on going over  to get you some photos of the place and see if it's really as nice as Mike and Tom say it is, but I've been delayed.

However, Doug is a "go getter" kinda guy, so I feel confident in sayin' that his shop should be fairly well equipped...not to mention that he's an off road rider like us!

So then, until I get over there to report on this shop properly, I do have a flyer to give you some information on  a Grand Opening he had on the 15th of March, that was the weekend after our first race. So after you destroy your scooter  head over to Doug's shop and re-equip yourselves!

There is a flyer over to the right, notice the hefty discount for us TCCRA and TORO folks!

You'll also see a map under the flyer... just head out I-30 to Greenville, exit 34 / 67, stay on the service road ( it's two way ) cross the intersection and you'll see Greenville Kawasaki / Suzuki on the right. If ya need to Call them for directions, info on the scooters, or just to waste their time, the number is 903.454.4440

Oh yeah as a side note, I believe that Doug is lookin for a van to come out and do race support with, you might look for him at Athens though I'm not sure he'll have a truck by then.