Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Thunder Mountain

TCCRA Race #

Pre-Race Recon of Thunder Mountain, in Rusk TX.


Date:  01 JUL 01


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( in a Texas Style voice ...with echo )  

   Howdy there once again folks, & welcome to TCCRA Race # 2707, here at Thunder Mountain Speedway, in Rusk Texas ! 

 Huh? Did he say "race # 2707" ?   I know this has been the "Year of the weird Flyers" & all,  but this one takes the cake...as they say.


Directions   Remember Alto?  Well, Take Hwy 175 South west out of the Dallas area all the way down to Jacksonville. Then, follow the signs to Hwy 69 south out of Jacksonville towards Rusk, & Alto. Ya gotta pay attention, in Jacksonville, 'cause you have to do some ziggin', & zaggin' to get from 175 to 69 ( look at the map ). The track is about 8 miles south of Jacksonville on Hwy 69. It's up behind a hill on the left as you head south, so you have to keep an eye out for it. Also, as it's on the left, you'll have to continue on past the entrance to Thunder Mountain Speedway, for about a half mile or so 'till you get to a crossover. Turn around & head back north to the track. You guys with big rigs be careful turning around. Be prepared for a 2.5 to 3 hour drive.
Description  This track is on the same property as a racecar track. Thunder Mountain is the name. And it promises to be an...interesting event. They will be having a race there Saturday night, oh yeah, and fireworks too. And the flyer says, as always, to keep the noise down after ten...after all, we don't wanna drown out the sound of the Stock cars, & fireworks. 

  It's in the same part of the country as Alto, and the terrain is kinda the same. And also like Alto, the track here ( what I saw of it on the track inspection a month ago ), is tight. As tight as Jacksboro, easy. With lots of ups & downs, and an off camber here & there for good measure. The vegetation is very dense, and the track is...kinda virgin ( the word Jungle comes to mind, naw just kiddin', it's just not quite broken in yet ).   And at least as sandy, though I didn't see quite as many rocks as at Jacksboro. But there were some tree logs there in the singletrack to negotiate ( which means 'go around' for me ).  One of the guys on the track inspection crew was overheard saying  ( in jest ) that it'd make a good 'A Loop' for an enduro. Bring extra coolant...and breathing oxygen.

 The soil is mostly sandy, with some white powder sand, & lots of that red sand, with little rocks ( pebbles ) in it. Almost exactly like Alto. I think there is also what looks like a part of what used to be a MX track built into the XC course. Or maybe it's a burial ground of some sort. The track wasn't finished when we went there for the inspection, so this may all be bogus.

Camping   OK, first of all, a public service announcement here. Marty asked at the last race not to ribbon off too much space for your paddocks. At this event it's even more important, 'cause of the ...uh...limited space available for camping. So let's share. Don't forget we'll be there with the car race drivers & their fans as well.

   As you pull in the gate we will have the area to the left and straight ahead. With the racecar track on the right. The camp area is nice and level, without the clutter of trees, or shrubs...or grass. It's a dirt parking lot...red sand with small pebbles. There are no distinct roads in a parking lot so please keep an eye on the kids.     There is some grass by the road ( gate ) but I think they were talking about that area being the start. Or the mini track...or both.  And the promoter said he would take down a fence to allow us into a small area in the back where there are trees ( nice ones ) and some grass...if Jason didn't roost it up last time he was there. I'm not sure, but I don't believe that there's any electricity on our side of the parking lot. Nor am I sure who's caterin' but I'm sure there will be a food stand at the race track.

Spectator Rating  Well, there's no doubt that you can view some action around the "big oval", but I'm not sure how you are gonna get back into the trails to watch your buddies, as it's kinda thick back there, and the short trip I took around didn't reveal too much access to the track. My advice? Don't break down.
Hotels  Last time I was over there, I stayed in Jacksonville...at a place I can't recommend...they charged by the hour. But there's plenty of others there in Jacksonville.

However Rick stayed in Rusk at the Southern Motor Inn, & said it was okay. Their number is 903.683.2688

There's also a Weston Inn there in Rusk, their number is 903.683.8383