A Frame Mounted Kickstand For Your YZ400 / 426


 Hey look !   My YZ's standin' up by itself ! 

  A few months ago I was prepping my 426 for a California desert race, when I noticed in some reconnaissance photos of the race area, that there were no trees. No place to rest my scooter in the unlikely event of a rest stop...either scheduled or not.  So like it or not, it would be necessary, even if only as a convenience item, to have a the Yamaha is not equipped with one from the factory.

 There are of course a few different choices out there for those of us who don't use the YZ for moto. Most are of a good quality, and would surely hold the bike up at a rest stop. The problem with what I saw on the market was that they are all swingarm mounted. Either clamp-on, or  ( heaven forbid ) mounted in holes you drill in your swingarm. 

  The problem with that is twofold. One is that, the swingarm moves up and So anything mounted to it would be more likely to flop around, bounce up and down, get caught on stuff, and eventually fall off...well maybe.       Second is that swingarm mounted devices are unsprung weight. Which is to say, that they not only don't get the smooth ride that the rest of the frame gets, but the suspension now has to carry that weight as it moves to try to absorb bumps.     So. Frame mounted is the best way to go. 

  I checked with Yamaha, knowing that the WR model  has a kickstand, but found out that the frame of the YZ would not accept it.   That's when I heard of 2 Dads Racing, on a thumper related internet forum.   It seems that the guy who runs the place has decided to sell a package that includes a WR type kickstand,  aluminum mounting bracket, and hardware that will allow you to do a pretty sanitary installation on your YZ.  

 So of course I called him up, & had him ship one out to me.  It came as, & when, it was supposed to, & only took about fifteen minutes of actual wrenching time to install it.

  The only problems I had with mounting this unit came from my extreme pickiness ( I'll tell ya about it in a minute ).   The hardware that comes with the mounting bracket is good enough quality and the bracket went on in a second, mounting to the lower subframe mount. All you do is pull the stock lower subframe bolt, & use the supplied Allen head unit to mount the aluminum bracket. It mounts up nice & easy, & fits good on the frame. I would recommend leaving this one slightly loose until you get the whole unit mounted, & aligned the way you want it before the final tightening.   Next, you are supposed to remove the lower chain roller bolt, & again using the supplied hardware, ( a longer bolt ) mount up the lower kickstand mount. Then just use the remaining supplied Allen head bolt to attach the upper kickstand mount to the aluminum bracket that you installed to the subframe.  Locktite, & torque everything, & you're finished. 

 The unit has been on the YZ for a couple of months now, & the very fact that I've forgotten about it, speaks for itself. As far as I know, it dosent rattle or hum. It has stayed up when I put it up, and stayed down when I put it down. It dosent hang low enough to get cought in or on anything, & it hasn't shown any signs of weakness, though I have once or twice found myself leaning against it while benchracing. ( probably a no-no ) But still no signs of difficulties.  As the pictures show, it is positioned up well out of harms way, tucks in fairly well, and is of course,  painted to match the YZ swingarm.

  As you get an actual WR kickstand & spring, & mount assembly, and the machine work on the special bracket is good, you can be sure it won't look cobby on your scoot.

 I did have an issue or two with the unit, but they are all easyly fixed.

1) The pivot bolt in the kickstand has a smaller shank than the hole that it goes through. This allows for a slight wobble in the stand leg itself, when it is in the up & locked position. I simply went to the local Hardware store, & found a metric bolt that fit the supplied nut, but one that had a bigger ( fatter ) shank...fixed.  Seventy nine cents.

2) While mounting the lower mount of the kickstand to the chain roller mount, I found that the kickstand mount bracket ( dark colored steel ) didn't quite sit flush against the chain roller mount. So off to the hardware store for two washers to put between the dark colored steel kickstand mount, & the chain roller mount. I also had to get a bolt that was...two washers wider that the supplied bolt. I think it would've worked just fine, as it came, but I feared that it might place undue stress on the components if I just tightened it till it sat properly against the frame.

3) I also felt that the unit could sit just a little closer to the numberplate. I mean, higher & more tucked in. So I got out the grinder, & took  about an eighth of an inch off of the face of the upper stop point. This only took a minute, & allows the stand to retract a little higher, & as it swings in an upward, & inward arc, it allowed it to tuck in better as well.

As I said before I've been very pleased with this unit, and have a number of times, stood sneering at my friends while they look for a place to lean their bikes while they take a whiz.

  If you're interested in this device, which is sold as a kit for about $150, Contact Mark at  2 Dads Racing. His number is ( toll free ) 866.782.4600




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