Pre-Ride Reconnaissance  

Barnwell Mountain

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Pre-Race Recon of Barnwell Mountain, in Gilmer TX.


Date:  23 MAR 03


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Lotsa Room To Play 

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Actual Hills

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Actual Marked Trails

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Track length: 9 Miles for the big course, & 1.2 miles for the Pee-Wees.

 I wasn't able to actually go out to this place last week, as I was called away on bussiness at 4 am last Sunday morning. Bet, some info is here.





 The track is about 6 miles north of Gilmer Tx. on the east side of Hwy 155. There's a rest area there that you really can't see from the road. Only the standard Texas stats hwy dept. blue road sign. Turn into the rest area, and as you go up a little rise you'll see the gate in the back of the rest area that says "Barnwell Mountain" .  Now then. Don't go past the gate, and think you can turn around ( especially if you have a big rig ) and when you come back out don't turn to the left thinking you can get out that way, you can't...it's a dead end into the rest area, & you'll be stuck, unable to turn your motorhome around.

  So take I-20 east for a while 'till you get to Hwy 271.  You'll see Hwy 155 first, but it's kind of a small road, 271 is better. Head north towards Gilmer. In Gilmer head on into town, & be looking for the Golden Coral restaurant on the right. Hwy 155 is the next light I think. Go to the right ( the only way you can go, if I recall ). After a couple of miles you'll have to cross a bridge that's under construction, with only one lane getting through at a time, pay attention. A couple of miles farther it the entrance to the rest area, on the right.      See map.  Remember you can zoom in, and print,  or whatever to take yourself there. 

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 I was VERY impressed with this track last year, and this year they've removed one or two of the nastier hills, lengthened the track just a tad, and added a little more non race areas ( single file stuff ).  It's in the same part of the country as Alto, ( only more to the north ) and the terrain is kinda the same. With lots of ups & downs, and an off camber here & there for good measure.   Maybe a few more rocks in the soil than Alto, so use your skid plate. There seems to be a great mix of hills ( up, and down of course ), twisties ( though not too tight as to not be able to get fat guys like me through ) and some straights, that will let you breath in between the tighter areas. In fact, there's almost an equal mix of all. They have added some easier sections ( jeep trails ) this year to accommodate the vast numbers of racers. One of the promoters said that they were taking measures to make sure that this wasn't a "mud race".

 The soil is mostly sandy, with some white powder sand, & lots of that red sand, with little rocks ( Iron ore pebbles ) in it. Almost exactly like Alto. Don't forget to pick up your e-score tag at the front gate for a twenty spot, if you don't already have one.

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Camping      As you pull in the gate we will have the area directly in front of you about 1/2 mile in. We'll be on top of a small mountain, & the view isn't bad. The area seems flat enough for your big rig, though you gotta get up a couple of small hills to make it to the race / camp site.  The have electricity, in boxes, lined up like the old fashioned drive-in theater used to put up the speaker boxes. And best of all is the on-site BBQ-Stand operated by "Big Dave" Witt. I stopped & talked with Dave for a few minutes, & his plans are to not only operate the BBQ stand, but to also try to have a 'mobile stand' out of the back of his Kawasaki Mule, where he'll be sellin' his sack lunch for around a five spot.  There's a fixed building there, where he hopes to have a small covered eating area, and ice will be available at the front gate. I wish the camping area had a few more trees is all. 
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Spectator Rating There are Jeep trails everywhere. While out on the track inspection, I met with the track builders at several locations indicating that they could get anywhere on the track. So you should easily be able to go out & wave your shirts over your head...er, I mean cheer for your favorite racer. 
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Hotels  Gilmer Inn     903.843.3033 
Ramada Inn   903.843.6099  
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 For this one I'll just refer you to the web site of the actual riding area. Yes it's a regular riding area, and it's nice check it out at