The Neatest (non) Triangle Stand you'll ever see


 "The Bubba T"     (non) Triangle Stand

  Every once in a while a product comes along that proves that somebody was really usin' the ol' noodle. Quite often it's a simple product, one that fills a gap in a market, & makes you slap your forehead, & ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"  Such is the case with the "Bubba T" side stand.

 By now you've heard of the ridiculous arguments about who owns the rights to the triangle stand, with team red staking that claim.  As far as I'm concerned, they can have it. I've found my portable side stand, & this is it.

 Named the "Bubba T", after it's designer Bubba  Bergueux  this simple T shaped stand does exactly what it's supposed to do & a little more.  

 During the three weeks I've had this one now, I've used it to hold the bike of course, carried it around in the back of the Patman Racing Van, stepped on it, thrown it at Monkeybutt as he was trying to zip-tie some steer horns to my van, accidentally left it on the back porch after a mud race, & even used it's nicely curved shape as a pry bar to pull the top off my water meter in the front yard.  What have I discovered? It's tough.  Well built, that is, and perfectly suited to a variety of tasks. Not the least of which is holding up a motorcycle. 

It's made of a 1" square tubing, with an axle peg ( the part that sticks in the axle ) that is sized to be as large as possible & still fit your brand of bike. There are three sizes available depending on the internal size of your axle.  It has a beautiful powder coat finish, comes in a variety of colors, and even has plastic caps in the ends of the square tubes to keep the crap out.

Three  things impressed me about this stand over the traditional triangle stand. One is the fact that the 1" square tube gives a much wider footprint in the dirt than the triangle stand that is made of steel rod. 

 Second is that due to the center arm being in the ...well, center of the foot, the bike has less leverage on the stand in a fore / aft direction, & is virtually impossible to roll while sitting on the Bubba T.

But the best feature by far is the hook. The hook you ask? Yes, & here comes the using the ol' noodle part. The hook is to hang the Bubba T on your handle bar while you are pushing or riding the scooter to the place where you will use the stand, like the start line or bike wash. Now somebody was usin' their head there!

I Like this thing. The size. The shape. The color. The durability.  The angle that it holds the bike. The big footprint. And especially the hook.   Patman says "get one".

 I believe he's sellin' them ( direct ) for around $20  but ,  For more information contact   or if you're from around here ( Dallas TX.)  you may find him at the TCCRA events.







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